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The most of the other one that I could think of and I was just thinking of it as we were talking and you'd brought up to Cameron. Is in this is obviously a more modern take on aspects of that is the little hours they came out about a year ago. Some of the I can't remember their sort of like some of the modern Cornyn quotes comedy people. Like what's his name? Fred Arniston in its I think John C Reilly. And then there's like three nuns one one played by. Yeah. Once played by one of the gals who I know really well from the Garfunkel and Oates. Knees. Comedy music group, basically, these nuns, and they're in a cloister, and they're dealing with. You know, it's it it's basically they took these stories from from the camera, and then kind of played them out and said, right, okay. If we were just gonna ad-lib these, you know, like we're not going to register script or just going to add live like here's a story. Here's the character. I think what's his name's in a day Franko. So it's it's quite funny. And it has some of these different aspects of to where it's of a particular era, and their certain sort of religious context of the cloister and and things like that. And and just sort of like lusty knowns. So it's funny. Yeah. The the other thing I brought it up the beginning. And you have it here. Strange voted joy in the opening soundtrack is christoph- Penderecki who did the score for this who most people who have no idea who he is as a composer both for film in classical music, probably. We know his sort of haunting almost grading sounding music. That's on the soundtrack for the shining. So it's it's very discordant stuff. I had a friend of mine who used to work at a lung RIP gone record stores here in Detroit called harmony house. He used to use Pederick keys threanened for the victims of Harare. To drive yet to drive people out of the store at the end of the night. Because. And so he told me that he goes I used to play this to get people out of the out of the store. And when I heard it the first time, I was like, wow. If you haven't heard it is amazing to listen to it is something that he orchestrated for. I think it's fifty something strings, and the concept is basically the elite up to and then the bombing of and aftermath of Hiroshima. And it is it is hard to listen to it will make your skin crawl. I mean, he is a master of of eight tonality in sort of playing with these concepts. And I think that part of the score ahead. The I didn't listen to it as closely as if I was just going to listen to, you know, just for the scored self there seems to be electron elements in this film. It's either that or something that sounds like some sort of electron or early kind of Sint or something in there. I think there is. I mean, I know he was pretty experimental or not afraid to experiment. I also I love Penderecki. And if anyone is a fan of Ken Russell's film, the devil's Penderecki did an opera called the devils of Lou done, which is based on the same story and also involves softy nuns since this. We were just talking about them. But it's it's not gonna be for everyone. But it's a really incredible piece of music that is definitely longer than threatening to the victims of Hiroshima. But is well worth listen. That's hung is come up on this podcast. This is the third time now because obviously when we talked about twin peak season three episode eight of that uses that song wonderfully. So if people remember. The music from that. I mean that episode was one of the best thing on TV may be in the century. And then it is also it's used in children of men. So that was for while there that song could only be mentioned on episodes that Christine Makepeace was on. But now we've broken that cycle. So I'm sure that she's going to be happy about that last week. We got to talk about Bernard Bernard Hermann and the psycho score. So she's all about the the discordant strings, I suppose Aric is we're going to take a break, and we're gonna play preview for next week show..

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