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If you think back to that cash for honors investigation that took place under the Blair administration, we were left waiting for 18 months for the end of that particular investigation to happen. It does feel like we're going to enter a sort of period of paralysis from now on until that happens given that we haven't seen the full findings of the report yet and have only seen this kind of summary of evidence that she's got. And I think that does put the prime minister in quite a difficult position although I note when I listen to his statement yesterday. He did actually say he was going to be making some announcement in the coming days about how he intended to change his top team and I think he mentioned some of that when he addressed the 1922 committee yesterday talking about new boards, for example, policy boards, et cetera, et cetera, but it is really that personnel change that we're expecting at the top because writing about for months now. I was going to say it's noted almost every time this was sort of talk about this. There'll be some of our listeners hoping that we never talk about it again and there'll be others hoping that there is more and more scrutiny. And I think what's notable when we have spoken about this is that Allegra Stratton is the only person to have resigned the former spokesperson for the prime minister and an adviser and it's not the only person who designed is a woman and a woman who wasn't seemingly at any of these parties. So do you think those changes will mean changes in terms of people losing their jobs? I think that's certainly what's been mooted when we've talked to people behind the scenes. There's definitely been a suggestion that there would be people who would be moving away from their positions, whether that means that they get fired, whether that means that they get moved to other roles, that certainly been on the cards and I think it's going to be very difficult if we see a smattering of senior people with inside number ten possibly even the prime minister and the prime minister's wife himself. And is it just about fines? I was going to say, is it your understanding that both the prime minister and his wife could be questioned.

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