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NPR news is up next here on K Q E D FM San Francisco, kqei Kiwi IfM north highlands, Sacramento. Live from NPR news in Washington, I'm Nora raum. The California attorney general's office says it will appeal a Texas judge's ruling the found the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. Sara Hussain from member station. K Q E D reports. California. Attorney general heavier Bezerra and sixteen other states had asked the court to keep the law also known as ObamaCare in place while the case challenging it winds its way through the courts US district court. Judge read O'Connor agreed on Sunday that without a stay. Everyday Americans could face great uncertainty. Residents in many states have already signed up for their insurance plans for twenty nineteen in a statement Bezerra vowed to March forward in the effort to quote, keep healthcare affordable and accessible to millions of Americans. For NPR news. I'm Sarah Hosseini in San Francisco special military forces in Afghanistan launched a new offensive against the Taliban. Today this follows to overnight attacks by Taliban, fighters, NPR's, Diaa Hadid has more residents fled the area fearing that get caught in the fighting Taliban insurgents have relentlessly attacked off gone forces and some twenty eight thousand have been killed since two thousand fifteen the attacks have come despite efforts by the United States to negotiate an end to the country's conflict. That's been complicated by reports that President Trump wants to withdraw about half the US troops stationed in Afghanistan. This is NPR news. News starting January first. Talking to spacecraft that.

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