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The things that he did to get that job. And then. You know, he just rubs his boss wrong way. One of his bosses Leslie, but. Lawrence. Mccraw play by job is also producer on the show. He likes John, so they get, they get on very well. And then Peter echo by played by Julia enriching. 's. He. He's a funny guy. When he tells people people's names echoed by, I think is a joke, like what's your real name? Because they can't believe that someone has the last name echoed by. We think about crane headless horseman. Not naked stuff. So Peter echo box, a little touchy about that. So don't forget. I told you that. John had pushed somebody into traffic just we can get their job. That person comes back and he starts to he? No, he works slowly. He comes back. He gets the job anyway, and he and John have to share a desk. So of course, Jon is frazzle by this. It's a reminder, something that he did. And I gotta tell ya. John Taverners care character, aka John linkman. I like him a lot except for the one thing. One thing about him, I didn't like and I don't like. I don't mind you being melancholy. And said, because of what you have to do, it makes the show so compelling watching him and his deadpan look. You can just tell he's hurting and like the people closest to him as father and brother just don't really have a clue. And so I didn't like is when he pushed that guy into the traffic's, we can get a job that's the beginning of the show. So that's not even a spoiler you're going to see that. That's the only thing I didn't like was that because I, when he did that, I thought he killed a guy. So I was like, whoa, who is this guy? But that's not the case. But what kind of person are you? How can you be? Sure. Does do that to somebody for job that you don't even want is this part of your cover, but you find out when John interview for the job, you know his handlers didn't give them all the information that he needed. What we find out later that. Well, that's because you know. Incompetence I'll say, I'm not going to give that away. I'll say incompetence and there's just more stuff going on. But Tom, John's dad. But. Just. Watching the end Sombo characters in how to interact with John. Especially Chris Conrad who plays Dennis McLaren his office, but his only friend that work. Well, like about him, is that you know, he's a guy who's I guess, so-called guy next door, Mary twins. But you can tell that he's not completely happy with us live. So now that he knows that John is basically like a spy, he's very excited and eager sometimes over eager to work with John and. Even though John is kind of like just this walking sociopath. Who might be porter lining on psychopathic behaviors? Well, he might be a mixture of the two. He is fine of Dennis because he sees the dentist is just what you see is kind of what you get for the most part, Dennis is just is there. He's present open these intense. He likes to work out a lot. He's all about the workout, and this is all about the workout. So I mean, can you do you think? Can you imagine two people striking for friendship after meeting the bathroom and you ask the guy, hey, can I have your urine? So I can pass this test because I'm a spy and I'm not going to pass if I don't borrow your year and then the other guy be sure why not. Let's be friends. Now, all of that is just bizarre. Very bizarre. And it's just you see that John has a wife Alice, and they're part because he's working. She doesn't know exactly what he does for a living. She just knows that it's important. And when you see her, she's just really, she's seems to be so sweet and so nice, very nice, smile page and you won't have to ask myself. Okay. Well, maybe so John is upset because he's just not feeling what he's doing. He'll do it because he's a patriot, but also because he loves his wife deeply and he can't even be with her, you know, because of this job. So he's got two jobs in, you know..

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