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Did when you see what minnesota has done giving kirk cousins eighty four million dollar deal all of guaranteed over three years what does this say to you about what this team should do consider how good the already were before actually kirk cousins came to the scene it's crazy when you look at that roster i know they got wax in the nfc championship game but man where's the weakness on this team i mean their defense is young in their prime all on pretty good deals offensively mid adam zealand's funding maybe the best one two punch at receiver in the nfl and by the way to bring back alvin cook who might have been the bathroom you running back in an incredible rookie roti back grabs before is as the jury will to add kirk cousins to all of that they're absolutely super bowl contender i think it's green bay chase in minnesota and not the other way around even with a healthier in rogers there there just isn't really a weakness on this roster so incredible i mean i know they're giving them a lot of guaranteed money and it's kind of historic deal but i mean kirk cousins that's just what it's going to cost and i think it's worth it frankly i mean really i mean case keenum was great but kirk cousins there's no denying numbers the last three years there's no reason to think he can't do the same exact thing the next three years on today's top headlines would tyler done the bleacher report toddler you're smarter than me explain what arizona is doing adding sam bradford mike clinton is that the best they could come up with under center.

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