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Living body. Literally because you had a strong delivery. Sometimes i met. I wanna say to yourself i'm gonna handle will do i know you are separate showing that hap- with how did you deliver without destroying the you just don't on this show. We gotta go here. I want to say this to all my creepers in a loving way. I want to see the hearts of chapel right now. If you don't mind this folks in gentlemen right here on c. Flood a please put your hearts in the chapel. But before why you doing i don't wanna say to my creepers. God bless you. We sat in a loving way. You audio guys. Guys work worked work pill guys and lunch held is you don't want the glory of this video podcast portion of this show. You just a straight audio. God bless you. 'cause i'm here which you also let you guys know that shadows are wants to be sponsored today by w. f. l. x. the flex in rochester and also ninety four point. Five the wave in louisville kentucky you built around with you guys will sponsor this so and jonah family the you guys i want to show you awesome especially without today should play harvey before audio anyway. That even i'm not even one of the glory glorified members of the champ one even going on there but i want to say thank you especially shots you my beloved creepers for listening to the show just listening. God bless you to my haters. You know the value each you for lunch and dinner and breakfast does no wind or micromax over there circling around with no place to go bingo every morning. Like he still be. He's not going nowhere to the cows. Come home when jesus caused so that would be your torture and national. Calmer heater from its going. Nowhere should've leave now to my beloved members in a chat room or more. Can i say can do the show without you. We show you love because you guys are loving one hand his face but they say and we want to analogize and we truly appreciate whether we listen to the show one minute or to hold relation of the show each and every day. the bottom of my right. Thank before we get into the rest of the show heart in the heart. Think we're patriot. Track heart set wafi. Let's turn hey wait a heart attack with heartfelt heart set with a heart checked. Hey wait heart. Set the heart sac off. Hey hey john hartson chat room. Hey hey take in a chat with heart set barbie. let's word. Hey wait a heart with a hard set. Hey wait a heart. Set with a hartson. Hey wait wait a but what what. Hey what's the running back. Okay chat room a chat in the chat from hey chat. Hey let's dabbler where the hard work that went away walk. Set away the hard work. Hey hey hey well here names thank you don't use. Your younger nut is in the building. Hey young enough. Good morning to you. Shout out to natalie right. Good morning data integral see. Excuse me in the building. Hey charles good morning Shot out to anna low past two point. Oh good morning and good morning to you. Shutouts who a nate ban you jones. Hey nathan good morning. avis denise. If in the building. Good morning avis. This morning. shutout to marcus. Mr wani moldy johnson. Hey mark is tim house. It's in the building. audrey. Johnson is here. The jackson hates sarah. Good morning to you. Shutouts who out of hape s stephen. Good morning roll out. Allen swath mcallister's. Hey allen afterward yesterday did you go over there. I'm sure did we have breakfast. The noise to a minimum am always low. Or did you go. She works while we eat showing. You know you can most habitats. Maybe you what she came about. When the last time you said always low you always low. Do not start your show. The sean that would be the last night. Don't you don't tell them what to do. No more hoopla goblin. Don't you start no nonsense. I told you that yesterday. Kim roper is here. Hey kim good morning to you. The guy five sola tracy raising the both tracy okay. Look cyber shadow king's couldn't even cross. The street was hanging out in the shadow of cologne. I don't even. I probably was not even thought about y'all was hanging out in the shadow showing us.

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