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I at seven twenty four it's MARCY Williams, Judd Hickinbotham. And Atlanta police officers indicted for a crash last year that severed a woman's army. So Williams testified before Fulton County grand jurors about the day Atlanta police officer, joy Phillips, blew through a red light on Ralph David Abernathy, slamming into Williams, Kia soul. And it was only when she started screaming that I realize my arm was missing Phillips was indicted on felonies serious injury by vehicle in violation of oath of office and two misdemeanors failure to obey traffic control device and reckless driving WSB's. Veronica waters reports Williams is suing the city of Atlanta and a random attacks. Volunteer at the jungle island adventure park in Miami. The parks managing director says the victim is hospitalized. Very happy that it was a non life threatening injuries are investigating just last month, a lion mauled an intern in the North Carolina sanctuary. The line was killed in order to recover the woman's body. New research at the university of Georgia finds a family routine helps teenagers succeed. They say it's boring, but the same old dole family routines actually help teenager succeed. According to researcher, Alan Barton, followed hundreds of sixteen year olds through the age of twenty one those who had regular routines, like I said fed time or dinner together or more likely to avoid alcohol had greater self control. And we're more likely to go to college may not be one single thing. That's the only routines get kids. But it may be a lot of little things. He says the bottom line is routine consistency and predictability are powerful influences on a teenagers life Sabrina Cupet WSB nothing lasts forever. And that's certainly true. The price of forever stamps, US postal services raising the cost of a first class stamp by nickel to fifty five cents. As of January twenty seven priority mail is going up average of six percent. The postal service lost about four billion dollars last year. WBZ news time seven twenty five cars are closer than you think. We'll hear from Clark Howard at the Consumer Electronics Show after we check weather and traffic.

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