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Tools already it's worth checking out sumo logic and seeing if you can leverage your data even more effectively with realtime dashboards and monitoring and improved observability ability to improve the up time of your application and keep your day to day run time more secure checkout sumo logic dot com slash s e daily for a free thirty day trial of sumo logic find out how sumo logic can improve your productivity in your application observability whenever you run your applications that's sumo logic dot com slash s e daily thank you to sumo logic for being a sponsor of software engineering date kittery junge is a senior software engineer at pinterest cannery welcome software engineer daily thanks for having me yes it's great to have you were going to talk about the machine learning infrastructure more so than the machinelearning algorithms themselves in this conversation today so in order to get us into the right frame of mind to talk about these data pipelines a debts are deployed at pinterest let's give people a feeling for what pinterest is can you just explain the product and the sources of data that are going into the data pipeline shirt yeah so pinches pinches is visual discovery engine and bite that when i mean is that contest helps people find or explore new ideas for example cooking dinner trying a new outset redick reading a home for anything that inspires you deduce things that you love so it's basically an online pin board for collecting these ridgewood multimedia also known as images and you know since the last eight years ever since which is has a started people have been saving and labeling their ideas they saved these pins classify them into collections that they would like to go back to in the future so bad gives us a lot of insights on knock will leave your interest but also what's upcoming so that's definitely one source of data now another source of data for us is the user actions on these plans so depending upon what they use it likes what they use user cliques what they repentance by those are a lot of different user actions that we could use to basically get information about what the usda wants an inch.

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