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Heart radio station. From ABC News. I'm Richard can to continue to argue if I ng over opening schools with the pandemic raging, the White House demands it. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper watching the data. If transpire, Ike and in person schools cannot be done safely, even with these safety protocols. North Carolina will need to move to all remote learning one Southern California county begs to differ. With that state rolling back its re opening the CDC guidelines state that opening schools without distancing presents the highest risk. But in Orange County, California, a school board voted to recommend just that. No social distancing no masks. This in a hot spot A B C's Victor Oh kendo. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he'll begin to roll out details of a new pandemic relief package as soon as next week. President turned what was supposed to be a Rose Garden news conference into a broadside on Joe Biden. Joe Biden is pushing a platform that would demolish the US economy climate change in his crosshairs, particularly of the Paris climate, the court from which he withdrew the U. S wants to kill American energy. He wants to re enter the Paris climate accord, which will destroy US former Vice President Biden, campaigning in his Delaware home state, promising an aggressive return to fighting climate change to reverse trumps rollbacks of 100 public health and environmental rules and promising to rejoin the international community going to get back into the Paris agreement. Mr Biden, saying he'll work to pass climate laws that create jobs and that no future president can roll back with an executive order. Andy Field, ABC News Is Washington. Former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville defeated former senator and attorney General Jeff Sessions in Alabama's Republican primary. Thank you for your trust your confidence. Your message of change is loud and clear. Somerville to take on Democrat Doug Jones in November. You're listening to ABC News. The Ohio Department of Health. Announcing over 1100 new cases of the Corona virus today, which is still about the state's 21 day average, there were 130 for new hospitalizations in 22 new ICU admissions. My new desk were also reported total cases in Ohio nearing 68,000. While there are several counties already under a mass mandate from the state, city and county leaders are putting their own. It will effect there was already an order from Governor DeWine on masks for counties at level three red alert for the spread of Corona virus. But now major cities in those counties are issuing their own orders. City councils in Akron and Toledo have passed their own ordinances. As has the Franklin County Board of Health in Central Ohio, said he's like Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati in Dayton, passed similar measures earlier this month. I'm Jack Crumley Toledo City Council meeting again today is there was a resolution on this afternoon's agenda that asked for the four City Council members. Tyrone Riley, even Harper, Larry Sykes and Gary Johnson to resign after they were arrested on federal bribery charges. That resolution has been tabled fairway caps, the Cabbage had asked. Ohio Attorney General David goes to suspend the members if they refused to step down. Cases of covert 19 and Tuscarora is county are being linked to 1/4 of July..

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