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This is the heard mine news fits magic beginning of the season. Remember, how exciting that was to. Let's back though, it is offensive. I just have a quarterback controversy again. James Winston sense of the best yesterday after throwing four picks inspection eighteen point whole against the Bengals member. I think it was last week. I was talking about remember that. You're not a big Jameis Winston fan. I mean, isn't a matter of being a fan of him. I just don't I don't think that he's the quarterback for the bad off field. Judgment can often mean bad on field. Judgment. Like Johnny Manziel off the field. You're like kind of ridiculous. And then you see Johnny on the field flipping people off your CASA. We know that the teams tend to tolerate off the field stuff when you performing on the field and he's doing both. It's kind of a problem. So Ryan Fitzpatrick came in and a race that whole with the fourth quarter rally including two touchdown passes and was slipping out. It's magic back obviously, the Bengals came back and spoil the comeback. But their credit was not happy about his looming quarterback controversy decision after the game. We don't need to talk about today's not the day. I'd have to decide that. Right. I mean, I don't have any problem making decisions and I'll make it when contract, but now's probably not the right time to make it. They've got Fitzpatrick comes in. And does what he always does in re would always does that first of all I super aggressive. He's a like a little Philip rivers. And he loves us all the ball down the field and Mike Evans is Tampa has got real real wide receiver talent. And real tight end talent. So Fitzpatrick is one of those guys. He's a great relief pitcher he comes in. He's hyper aggressive. He goes over the top. And he smokes them. It's one of those things with James. He's got so much talent. But you do wake up this morning. And you're like we're locked into them contractually for this year. And next year. There's nowhere to go. You're kind of trapped if you're Tampa what you do. I don't either you're you're not going to be bad enough to get to be able to draft..

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