White House, Paula Ronnie, Saudi Arabia discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


A study by the restaurant consultants jira conceal shows that about one point two billion ham and cheese sandwiches were sold last year while one point four billion burgers or eaten over the same period wall street this morning it looks like futures are just a bit lower down thirty nine s and p down three nasdaq futures way down again about thirty it's now five twenty two saudi crown prince mohammad bin salman met with president trump at the white house yesterday talk about his rapidly changing country abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran reports are still a long road ahead for that nation women's boxing class in of all places saudi arabia good but here's these women it's about physical mental personal power the last thing i expected to see saudi women box hitting a bag or hitting pads or punching something makes you feel empowered and strong throw your left bring it back to your face paula ronnie is the first and only female boxing and kickboxing trainer in the kingdom of saudi arabia a true revolutionary what do you say to americans who just have this stereotype about saudi about saudi women about saudi arabia and the society think terror oil there's so much more tool as an to saudi and tidy arabia saudi arabia is changing fast the future king of saudi arabia crown prince mohammad bin salman nbs says everyone calls him right now he's on a tour of the western world the thirty two year old image plastered across vehicles and billboards visiting the queen at buckingham palace it's a great honor to have the crown prince saudi arabia's been a very great friend meeting with president trump at the white house it's a massive pr push to install what he calls moderate islam that is open to the world for decades here women have not been allowed to drive and women couldn't travel without permission of a male guardian or even show their hair and public back at the gym after her workout running puts on her long abaya and her headscarf still required dress for saudi women in public is actually finished colorful it is she tells us those bright colors for unheard of just a decade ago there is so much tradition in this country and that tradition is so powerful and yet if anyone can break down the walls that still exist here hala and her sluggers just might have a shot.

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