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I have a job as a private detective. I have just real quick today. Right. God that's a Coen brothers movie coming up, you know, it hold on. Just real quick. Is this story real? Okay. Go ahead. Yeah. So I worked downtown in an office as a private detective. And who sings it was it was the golden hour, and I had the shades. I have like louvred shades, you know, like Venetian blinds or whatever on my on, my windows, and I had them open somewhat. So little some light in. But also there were shadows. And honestly when I do that it gets hot. And so I went ahead and turn on the ceiling fan. Boy. Oh boy. Is that where you were going the whole time? I guess. Cool here called on. I had a great experience with the fan. The the other day. Okay. Oh, really? Yeah. Well, I wanted to watch a lesser Robert deniro movie. Sure. Yeah. So. Yeah. Borodino and Wesley Snipes in that one. Yeah. I think Wesley Snipes wasn't that. I feel like the only thing I've never seen the movie, but I remember being excited because I think Robert deniro war. San Francisco Giants had in that movie. Oh, and that was like just as with you know, how I married an axe murderer or something little shot of your hometown. Sure. You get a real thrill out of this light real slice of life. I mean, it's not a rail tequila level thrill now, but there's this show. This is before your time, but a show TV show called Mannix that I remember watching as a kid in late sixties early seventies detective private detective, and there was a shot of him running down the street a block away, and I was so unreasonably excited block where I live. This is the streets. And so exciting where was it? What what part of town. It's in Los villas. Okay. But also, the idea of television shows shooting in Las villas seem I don't know why that seems ridiculous. But we've been watching a lot of a lot of those early seventies. Like cannon is is one. Okay. And it's just this boy the standards the the locations or so junkie feel like they just like pulled, you know, like drove around and pulled to the side of the street and was like, I guess this'll do like it just seemed so wildly unplanned. This shows good. No. The man I remember loving Mexican. And it's it's terrible. The writing is terrible. It's it's worse than it. Like if we just came up with with a plot right now and transcribed. Just exactly what I came to our minds in terms of dialogue. It would be like thousand presents better a mutant with an adamantine skeleton has to unload a bunch of a musical instruments on another respecting town off the top. That already is is better. But also just like the dialogue of so weirdly, still like it was almost like you have to try to make it not flow. It was real. It's really kind of amazing cannon is slightly better. But it's Lucas, it's all like parking lot parking lots and it's shot at night. And there's no light. So this is like murky shapes poor whenever I would like encounter a seventies rerun. As a kid chips. I think my mom likes ships rerun. I think she might ever watch. She might have had an Eric Estrada thing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's usually the cause of jobs. I saw Estrada one time here in Los Angeles that go very, shiny, man. Yeah. Chinese rining sweating at a shine on him. No, natural the natural oil. Yeah. Like a seal he was healed up characterize him as taught. Not muscular, but talk good. Time off of gone flinging diamond Estrada, guess a light translucence, right? Yeah. I always remember as a kid being upset watching a seventies rerun by how Brown everything was so Brown much Brown..

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