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It once a year belongs to the neighbor I'll shoot the dog where one eight hundred two eight three one one four five Anthony Jack stick around his the Jersey one one point five as traffic you're catching some delays right now on the northbound New Jersey Turnpike right in front of Newark airport and appears to be in the north bound Carlene so well between thirteen and fourteen the traffic is going to be slow are going to get a closer look and see if that's gonna be construction or something else and farther up the line in the north and western spur of the turnpike is closed for construction the traffic on route eighty is really slow on the westbound side from west of route fifteen in Wharton right on out toward the Roxbury area exit twenty eight we've got road work with several lanes closed it looks like also on two eighty seven south just past route seventy eight in Bedminster there is some construction eighteen north in old bridge delays route nine afford old bridge metal one road road work there is also busy on route thirty four restaurants the cheese plate parks we may have some road work there as well now one ninety five that's very busy westbound from exit eight in for one thirty in Robbinsville that's construction also in west freehold he's found route thirty three very slow over by the race way mall and across the Hudson of the George Washington bridge leaving New Jersey minor delays same thing goes for the Lincoln and the Holland tunnel vision for sponsored by on down dot org Erling Kenya dreams of becoming a doctor an older in Guatemala dreams of being part of a community reach out change their world it will change your own unbound dot org traffic every fifteen minutes next report at nine thirty three on New Jersey one a one point five your summer rock with a one hundred and one stayed away.

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