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App today. And we are back our final hour with Richard a step as we talk about the other side, Richard what's next for you? What are your next projects? Well, after I had back across the poem to the UK to investigate bombing jail in Jamaica in amongst a few other kinds of places I'm back to the United States. And invested in Monroe house, which is in Indiana, and it's supposedly a pretty dog negative haunted. How many places do you think are haunted just in the United States? Depends upon degree and definition George. I think that you. Many transitory fairly common. Once you have a member of the family die. I think many people have story, especially if we get close to holiday such as Christmas where things happened around the house, but imply this test prep telephones and dropping back into see how we're doing a lot more widespread than we might expect. I think so too. And let's talk about the Malvern manner in Iowa tell me about that place. One of my favorite places in Iowa. Melvin mount used to be a hotel at least when it was originally felt in the nineteen th century and soon became a excuse me nursing home and a home for those who kid only had special needs and really had no else in the community when it was closed down and left derelict place, a dumb the reputation for being halted. And I was given the opportunity to investigate that with team as fella power normal. Investigators fascinating place. We you're on about the ballista acts meta house when Melvin mantle was a hotel. It was formed to service the railroads. There's so many towns and hotels what back in the nineteenth century George existed pretty much. So that travelers across the country on the railroad the night sleep in clean bad have a bath wrinkle tastes and then beyond that way in the morning. And there is a theory. That. Roommates. Nights, Alvin Mana either before killing creepy. Genuinely cream. I'm not sure I'd want to spend the night in these places. I get that totally a number of people become pretty strange for doing it. But I'm pretty sure a lot of your listeners share similar fascination. I I've always loved the stories behind it all if you leave the ghosts in the actively decides many of the time I'll go to somewhere like this and nothing happens more often than not inside. But what you always have to do is you get a window into the lives of those who came before us those generations that built this country. You know, those generations on his shoulders and stand is terrific to be able to look at their stories, and sometimes unfortunate enough to tell them books. It's wonderful occupation. Let's go to the phones p Jason Denver, Colorado. Not too far from where you are now, Richard. Hi PJ. Welcome to the program. Hi, george. How are you? Great. Thanks. I hope you remember me. I'm a realtor. I'm sixty six years old. I talked to you four months ago. I was stage for organ loss with ninety percent kidney. Yes. And you let me go on the air, and I did go because I'm a realtor. My information is with the state of Colorado on computers. So you love me to give my post office box number, and I had about twenty five people calling me. I mean, writing me and stuff like that. So thank you for that. But I might tell you is. I am stage five right now. I received a letter from my doctor telling me three weeks ago out stage five and he's not with me as last week. In. My question is to you is that I'm Catholic canton. I've well care. So guess all this. I think I've been fortunate enough you do everything that I was supposed to be doing as a Catholic in a Christian to get prepared. I'm afraid, but I'm prepared for think I'm going to face. And my question is are these people who haunt are the ones that are caught up that are not prepared. I feel like when I die. I believe that because of my face I'm going to have a choice. I'm either going to go to heaven, or as Catholic we have a choice to go to purgatory which eventually get says, they have an order to hell, depending judge. So I was always taught whatever you have inside of you you see another's if you see good in others just because you have good and yourself so many question again news is a person doomed to haunt or to be. I don't wanna be your. I don't wanna be a walking around desert. But are you doomed? Is this something that you have to go to or if you're well prepared? Do you have to do do you have to become a poultry guy? So I don't answer. I'll stay on line because it's put you on. Hold to listen. Go ahead, Richard. Okay. PJ? Thanks for calling in tonight. I really appreciate your question and festival preface this by saying that you'll believe so one hundred percent your beliefs, and I totally respect them. Okay. Based on doing this now for twenty four years. I don't think you have anything to say about what happens afterward. I I've got a good friend of mine who has a paranormal investigator when there's also a Catholic priest and personally PJ, I'm agnostic, I try and keep an open mind, spiritually, you know. And I'll tell you very briefly inexperienced the happen to me years ago. I brought something negative home with me from an investigation. And my wife was not happy to say that happens. Oh. And so we had shadow figures around the house, we had women's voice in the house when the dog is going crazy whenever we would hit the sports. And so I really didn't know how to deal with it never happened to me in twenty twenty odd years of doing this. How do you get rid of it when you need I think, so I call my friend, Stephen the crease, and I said, look, Stephen, I'm not Catholic. I wouldn't even say, I'm a Christian. I the greatest respect for those who all the best just not my belief system. But can you help and he said, Richard I'll come on over. So he came on over with all of his nice pie. His box of. What to call it? But it was what he would use his blessing rituals and so forth. And I said Steven I really appreciate you coming to work because I I don't believe what you believe. And he said, Richard what's important here is the intent. That's the key thing. It's not about the specific belief system that you have said, I'll do this Clinton for you pray in the name of God, it will work for you. I can pretty much promise you kept an open mind and Stephen did his his ceremony. He started at the top of my house. Komo news applying holy wars. All the windows doors, splashing, it everywhere. Nano he was stabbing across actually on all of the windows doesn't I thought about his patent the way that he moves to my house was interesting. It was almost a sweeping something negative out. You know from room to room into the whole way down the stairs. And then again into the main Hawaiian out some dough. And he said if you bless him stopped absolutely everything from happening. And he said don't worry may you may not believe in God. But he shou believes in you. It's the that counts. And you're you're a good, man. I'm not that will matter. So the reason I mentioned that PJ. I'm sure you're a good man to and I I have no doubt whatsoever. That you will be able to go wherever it isn't choose to go when she passed it. You will not be stuck around. If you do not choose to keep fighting the good fight PJ. I know that's tough up the stage five at the doesn't get much worse than that doesn't Joe in Long Island New York's with Joseph go ahead. Shit a couple of questions I want people call on the phone, and, you know, like a woman's voice or something like that. It's almost like he's saying it could be witchcraft and and today coast, you know, or cut the be for some people on that computer coming through. And then my second thing would be on the house. You know that seem that the giant owls that show up. They kind of an intelligent thing. That's looking offers the situation the wise owl or that. And also you have the clowns to which people spotting. You know that an unexplained. Well, I'm going to defer actually the first question about the phone call to you, George purely because you get a bunch of research on the book enjoyed it. Yeah. I'll do that next. Go ahead with his second question. Okay. So your second question. So I believe owl spiritual beings, right? You know, one thing that I've learned in my in my field is that some of us by turning so-called experts. Most of his arms were just people that have studied this for a long time a willing to say, I don't know. The phenomenon you're talking about the question. You just asked me I'm not qualified to answer it. So I'm going to have to be totally honest and tell you I don't that's interesting as far as people calling with the different voices. Whether they've been bewitched who knows we get a lot of phone calls on this program, and it's entirely possible. That those from the other side can try to do all kinds of strange things and our work talking to the dead, lots of different voices come through. It's it's possible. But I think Joe was talking about in terms of tricking women voices to trick guy. I don't think I've had that happen here. I've not heard of that happening either this steadily not a record of that. In my case files. I keep waiting, but the call never combs, maybe one day. Commend george. Let's go to Mike truck driving in Michigan. First time. Caller, Michael, go ahead. Thank you for taking my call, George Richard amazing program. Thank you, sir. Thanks. I I have not told this story to hardly anybody. Because everybody looks like I'm nuts. But twenty years ago. My I got a phone call from my mother and my father had a small cell lung cancer. She said you better get up to the hospital here. Father is not breathing. Well, I was an hour and a half away. I got up to the hospital actually hospital in muskegon park in the parking. Lot was going to go into the rear entrance to the hospital to go up to his room and the lights were out on the back door and a woman had a black dress. She was wearing heels totally in black beautiful shape at Nazeer face because there was a black veil over they had she was wearing came through the door. I went tried to go to the door to go in. And I couldn't get in. So I had to go around to the hospital. I went through the emergency room. They told me how to get upstairs. When I got there. My mother said here dad passed away about three minutes ago. I went into the room horses is still open. I could feel his spirit almost see a shadow above him. Said goodbye home coasters is. And came out, my mom said, it's too bad. You just couldn't get here. And I said, well, I was here at some woman came out the back door of the hospital, but I couldn't get in. And the doctor looked at me, and he said nobody came out that door that door's locked at night. Does not work. And and you know, better I know better. I mean, it was plain as day was real. And I just figured out that I just seen the angel of death walking out with my father solar or something. That could be I'd like to get an opinion on that. I'll let you take a stab at that, Richard. Absolutely. And that's what remarkable story. So did I hear that your time? Yes. He is. Excellent. Thank you for everything. You do. I know that's an under appreciated profession. So many of us depend on what you do. So you drive safe. My thought on that is that there are many documents. It is off figures in Black Sea. They men will no children that seemed to attend upon the scenes of death. Whether it is a spirit coming over to help ease the transition, which could be my take on it or whether you choose to at the angel of death, some people I think will consider that to have a negative connotations with consider it finding the vast majority of such record actually seem to bring great comfort to those who who experienced nothing much to the living witness, but the patients to pass themselves. They seem to almost be coming to the more caring for them. So I think that possibly this was a spirit that came to tomorrow passing and help them across to whatever it is comes next, Richard. Let me ask you about angels where do they fit into this equation?.

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