Blue High School, Chancellor, Washington discussed on Morning Edition


Of the popular children's health insurance program continued delays of certain health care taxes under the affordable care act in more money for missile defense republicans are cautiously optimistic it has the votes to pass the house but it remains uncertain if it can pass the senate democrats are threatening to withhold support for any funding bill if there's no progress made an ongoing immigration talks so far the white house and congressional negotiators have been unable to reach a compromise on immigration legislation needs bipartisan support the past congress susan davis mpr news the capital president trump says he wants immigrants to the us to come from quote everywhere he spoke to reporters on tuesday that's different from the vulgar slur trump is accused of using against african nations last week at the white house homeland security secretary cures to nielsen was in that white house meeting but she testified before a senate committee tuesday she didn't hear the president's say that new jersey democratic senator cory booker and african american erupted were determined call me i had tears of rage i heard about this experience in that meeting and for you not to feel that hey heart and that pain and to dismissed some of the questions of my colleagues saying i've already answered that line of questions would tens of millions of american or hurting right now because of what they're worried about what happened in the white house that's unacceptable to me booker accused nielsen of silence and amnesia on the matter calling it quote complicity president trump has denied using the vulgar slur and investigation into washington dc high schools fines students are graduating despite missing dozens of school days the findings come after an infant asian by member station wamu and npr into graduation rates a d c's balloon high school from member station wamuk mcgee has this report the report found that if blue high school had followed district grading and attendance policies 64 of graduates wouldn't have received diploma as the report found teachers felt pressure to pass chronically absence students and breeding and attendance policies were unclear dc schools chancellor antoine wilson like many of you i am disappointed in these findings but i can assure you the dcbs has the courage to fix the issues and improve public schools has permanently removed balloons principle but chronic absenteeism is an issue across.

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