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Hey, guys, who are you? I'm stacey. I'm from another another dimension. How many more people are there? With could literally knock it any reader. It can get weird. Okay. We need to get back to our universes soon. Glued is going to collapse. My family lived in Brooklyn. What's wrong? Was never UC. It's. Destroy the collider. None of us have a home to go home to remember. What makes you different that? Is what makes you spider? All right. Everybody wanted to all all the lead office saying I really Douglas, maybe a lot what everybody else think tasha. I'm looking good. Oh. But we need to Scott. Are you an agreement? Okay. Go ahead. Wait, wait, what what about maybe maybe you can be the outlier. No. No. Okay. Okay. We're we're all in board. I I only only commotion for these moments because I just building up the stakes by hating everything love, and in fact, everything the cinematic universe. Just it's like we're back to Georgia. Are Martin's writing pile on the injustice of my hatred for all things. Good intrude on you guys. So don't feel so much better. When I love film this much. I have just always loved films that are are dense and complicated and move so fast that it's a challenge to keep up. But this movie piles on so many of the very idiosyncratic things. I love vivid color, incredibly bishops innovation. It's playing with the form. It's playing with the idea of the the origin story. It's playing with the idea of the comic book movie, it's playing with the idea of the superhero. It's crazy crazy, meta, it's very complicated. But at the heart of it, it's also telling of a familiar origin story about a young person coming into their own discovering who they are. Standing up for the people that count against the things that they're afraid of. I mean, it has on the underlying form of a good hero story. And then so many trappings that just bake it crazy fun interest issue. The enemy is a lot more talk about by love when people remember not everything like Pixar and not only that does not look like any I've ever seen before you know, and uses like pattern and texture like the Ben day dots and the little like hash marks which are again, very evocative of the the comics medium, but in a very unusual way for for film. A funny thing about that. We ran an interview over at the verge with the directors and one of the things the de Maloney who interviewed them kind of pinned down on was like. Oh, yeah. That we had kind of Rian than animation for this. And she's like, okay, how specifically because they kind of hand waved it, and they give her some specific technological details of things that they had to redo. But one of the things was everybody in the. Animation industry now uses a whole bunch of standard programs and standard Killick character sets and building sets and modeling tools and lighting tools, and they wanted to do something different. And they had all of this. Existing software that they had to break the reason all of his movies, look, so like is because they're all being built with very similar tools. And if you want to do something different you kind of have to start from scratch in an industry where you anything you can do to be cost effective, especially in animation. You're gonna wanna do. So having somebody come along and make something like, this is doubly impressive because you can't do it with existing tools. It's like when painters like beat the hell out of there brushes before they paint. They just beat the hell out of a computer. What are we talking about here? We're talking about the dots. The I mean, there's so many different like animation like styles and flourishes throughout this. And it's not it's not consistent. Like like, what one of the things I found. So interesting is how it shifts animation styles while also being under sort of the same broad stylistic umbrella, but it brings in like, I said different flourishes, depending on where the movie is. And what it's trying to do. But like you compare something like the big science magic showdown at the end..

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