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County is asking people across the state to join in a general strike this Friday the group is planning silent marches all over the state organizers say the defense they want to create something that they've never had before the need to be willing to do things they've never done before in Bellevue a crowd gathered downtown for another protest organizers invited police chief Steve my left to join them we're listening last week my let kneeled with the crowd during another protest saying he understands their pain and their demands in Portland at least fifty people were arrested at protests over the weekend some demonstrators threw balloons filled with paint and other hard objects at police on Saturday night several hundred people threw fireworks at officers and pushed up against fencing two sheriff's deputies were hurt a legal fight going back six years between Attorney General Bob Ferguson and the freedom foundation has finally ended with the foundation paying a big settlement details from Cuomo's Carlene Johnson foundation executive vice president Brian minix as the case goes back to twenty fourteen and pro bono legal services provided by them to groups of citizen activists who were trying to get measures on the ballot in their cities to increase transparency when large union contracts are negotiated instead of it happening behind closed doors I want to be in the room no one knows what positions are being taken and and we can just think that's outrageous and the public has has a right now and I think that just helps promote good guy with three labor unions also got involved in the ballot measure fight to keep those off the ballot and they succeeded freedom foundation ultimately was made to pay eighty thousand dollars to settle unreported legal expenses the three unions were each fined as well but much less four hundred fifty dollars each we have reached out to Ferguson's office for comment Carling Johnson come on news coming up next we'll resolve the mystery of our morning trivia question and we'll check como sports there's a chance your local.

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