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The families my so i grew up in tanko beth a parked outside of pittsburgh so this my mom's family is all diehards dealer fans and so how did you get from pittsburgh natural what with it what made you take that giana m well i made this little cd when i was a senior in high school after plane and bands and stuff and through middle school and high school i made my own project singersongwriter thing i had this guy who is at this little independent record label in florida hear it and um ended up offering me this little suit a record deal and to me it was little at all the time so he flew flies me and my dad down a florida an ana offers means record do and i i thought i mean this is all about to happen right here right now ended up not taken the deal why genetic the deal i had this attorney that was the only music business guy that i met through a bunch of phone calls and and i trust them he revised the deal for me and marked it up like added bunch zeros on it send it back to the the label guy in uh the label grabs like you know may know ruin salted we thought we had a relationship you can either work with with us at the labor we can work with this attorney you're going to have to choose and it was a really hard decision to make you know because as eighteen years old thinking everything's about happen but the the attorney said you know uh said this is a long road and if you wanna walk at i'll help you do that but i'd advise you not to get in bed with the first person who wants to sleep with the that's how we said it and um i decided sided turned down the deal and but i knew i wanted to keep pursuing music in as much as my main focus in ice type in in my mom really wanted to go to college so of type in in music business stuff you know college stuff on hunger.

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