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Clemente it's three forty seven Delhi police are asking for the public's help in a baffling case Lamar park a possible kidnapping that happened two weeks ago it's a case without a suspect a victim or anything else other tech they've says an investigation so far as turned up nothing to confirm a kidnapping or a domestic violence incident or even that someone is unaccounted for detective David Marr cynic is with LAPD there have been reported people missing but we have been able to tie them to this investigation and this case caused quite a stir because of some surveillance video from late the night of November twelve ring the doorbell captured a vehicle driving down Third Avenue towards thirty ninth street at a high rate of speed with the rear hatch opened and a woman screaming for help despite more than a dozen tips and a bunch of phone calls nothing has panned out although investigators have zeroed in on the type of car and fall two thousand and three to two thousand and eight Toyota matrix white in color with dark or black ram and possibly a front broken passenger window covered up with plastic in south LA John Baird K. an ax ten seventy newsradio for the first time most U. S. consumers will do most of their holiday shopping online it's an annual tradition to decide to fighting the crowds the parking the pushing the shelving was worth it to get those Black Friday deals but that's changing as cyber Monday is becoming a bigger deal than Black Friday according to retail analyst Marshall Cohen of the NPD group used to be the mass merchants the targets Walmart's Kmart's of the world that we're always that number one channel shop for holiday that's not changed online gets the the first place prize with the mass merchants getting the second place he tells KNX it's also changing how retailers are offering deals now they're spreading them out no offering them earlier and even the big brick and mortar retailers are moving deals online Robert sure que in next ten seventy dues ready but despite the rain volunteers showed up to fill thousands of backs to fill those in need during the annual big Sunday big thanksgiving stuffing event this is the first time that its range during the event so they had to improvise stuff in the bag with all the thanksgiving meal trimmings under big tents and making special cards to go inside the bags I actually walked the line to fill a bag myself get awesome is thank maybe yeah.

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