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LaCroix over three. Right handed hitters Danjean against black the right handed throws and. A big fast ball swung. Missed ninety five miles an. Hour glued ride by the judge Enfield has belt at first Hanson. And second Crawford at short darnold, third d'arno is hugging the line Deepa third the field Slater in laugh. Duggar in Santa mccutchen in right And the. Pitch, and a ball to that was just barely off the inside Called them on one ball and one strike Looking at a television replay during the strikes on that ball actually was on the corner should have. Been called describe one one pitch fastball away swung on ninety seven miles an hour One and two to count The giants with five runs. Nine hits and one ever Oakland of five runs seven hits no errors But four. Of Oakland seven hits. Have been home runs Catchiness homered for the giants. Wanted, to pitch in the dirt outside that he's swing, no the ball perhaps just as well for the jazz the ball, bouncing off the glove, of hunting role to the, backstop Soviet not swung Or if he had been ruled to, have swung Hollywood had to try to throw him out. At first base I, think most empires they won't call that a swing when the guy standing, in the box he's gotta know immediately if you should be running, or not Wanted to pitch woo Fastball away Off the outside Black he's really not getting. Anything close, here in fact the scoreboard says to into that. Was ball three I beg your pardon Three and two is, the the actual count Black delivers swinging that's popped up. Out of play off to. The right ninety seven mile an hour fastball they're black after getting touched up at. His first big league game against the cardinals couple of weeks ago has been in four games without allowing a run Including one at a third innings here last night Three to pitch outside and he walked in Which look Does that got off on Luke right Still, up there The Bob Melvin comes minute that wall four Gerry Davis says oh yeah Take a walk almost like Newquay was Blue Cross was go by the scoreboard. Which had the, wrong count The pitch has going to go in Josh Begley the other. Catcher I guess he's faster than lucrative.

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