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US Park services. Today. The core of the National Mall would be closed off till just after the inauguration. CBS is Steve Dorsey tried to get around in D. C this morning. There's actually two barriers. The first was a checkpoint I entered by union Station. Patrolled by National Guardsmen with armored trucks checking ID's. The second is a fence surrounding the Capitol building. Covered in barbed wire at the top. This it's the stage for an inauguration. Washington D. C has never seen the Secret Service says it'll be ready for anything on Inauguration Day. Correspondent Jeff for Gays says threats of additional violence or being taken very seriously in Washington and around the country. CBS News has learned of an FBI memo warning the violent preach on January 6 very likely will serve as a significant driver of violence in the coming days. Lawmakers like Michigan's Peter Mayer are even purchasing body armor to protect themselves. It's sad that we have to get to that point, but Our expectation is that someone might try to kill us new figures who just in from Johns Hopkins University. The global death toll from covert 19 now tops two million more particulars of Joe Biden's vaccine plan emerged today, and the Trump Administration efforts so far is getting mixed reviews, with people in many states reporting supplies running out CBS's Jim Priscilla. While Corona virus vaccines have been rolled out unevenly across the country, several states in the deep South have especially dismal inoculation rates. Data shows that less than 2% of the population in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina has received a first dose of covert 19 vaccine. Fireman David Ortiz is part of the big vaccination site at Ella's Dodger Stadium. This is just going to test our efficiencies, inefficiencies and And see what works President he liked. Biden's incoming chief of staff run claim tells The Washington Post. He's had straightforward talk so far with the Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell. This covert crisis is economic crisis shooting matters of common concern. People in both parties should work together to try to solve those problems. CBS has Diane King Hall has the latest economic report from the government retail sales fell 7/10 of a percent last month that was worse than expected. The drop coincided with job losses, hitting the labor market for the first time since the spring of 2020 checking Wall Street right now, the Dow was down 112 points. NASDAQ is down 70. This is CBS News. Never miss a moment. Top news from W T O p 24 73 65 Listen on air on Alexa and on the W T o p app. 103 on w t o P. It's Friday, January 15 Partly sunny 47 degrees heading into the 50 Good afternoon. I'm Mark Lewis and I'm Deborah Feinstein. Here at the top local stories we're following this hour downtown D. C is on full lockdown now with fencing and National Guard troops. Lining the streets days ahead of the inauguration next week. But what if you live and work downtown, while D C leaders and federal partners are speaking during a news conference right now, and special agent Matt Miller with the Secret Service Is letting residents and businesses know what they conducive. Get around. We have an agent who over the last seven months has been reaching out to all the property managers, all the businesses. And all the federal buildings, office buildings, etcetera to coordinate what people will need to get in and out. On foot or one parking garages will be closed down and when they'll need to walk out in order to get transportation from there. My first recommendation if there's any confusion Would be to talk to the property manager the front office staff to find out what they were told. And if there is still further confusion to make sure they find who that Secret Service agent is. That's special agent Matt Miller, with the Secret Service now is part of DCs Lock down. The National Mall, effective today is closed as the district tightened security ahead of the inauguration. We did receive a letter from the U. S Secret Service yesterday. Asking us to consider closing several areas within the national mom. This is essentially the monumental core the area around the White House in sections of Pennsylvania Avenue. Jeff Ryan Gold is with the National Park Service. He says the temporary closure will last through Thursday of next week again. This is all part of unprecedented security measures happening downtown in the wake of the Capitol Ryan and the threats of Morva I alliance this weekend and again on Inauguration day and not only roads being shut down a number of metro stations as well. 11 stations near the security perimeter are close starting today and two more will close tomorrow at of President elect Joe Biden's inauguration. Trains will Passed through Farragut, North Judiciary Square and Union Station on the Red Line, the archives station on the green and yellow Lines in Arlington Cemetery on the blue Line, as well as Farragut, West McPherson Square, Federal Center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian and Federal Triangle on the Blue, Orange and silver Lines. Starting tomorrow, Metro Center and gallery PlayStations will be closed as well. They will all.

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