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Tomlin if he if he goes without approach this is not gonna be like a sixty forty deal. It's going to be like an eighty twenty deal so I'll probably get along under under for snow. I think as much as I'd love the Collier over I'd love to see connor rush for seven to eight hundred a yard and Benny snow rush for five to six hundred yards. You put them together and you have to act year. Run the ball but I think I tend to agree with Kevin that I just don't see him potentially if connor makes the numbers we said for him. I don't see any snow getting enough carries to be able to do it now. Remember Benny Snell. It was it was over four hundred yards this past year but he also missed three games from when he had his niece coped. So I'm I'm I'll just go against you guys I'm going to. I'd say over because I don't even with even if Connors over the twelve games I still see connor missing two or three and I would be surprised if snow always run as a featured back because there is no James Connor and this is also assuming that they don't draft anyone else which I'm not saying they're not going to because if that's the case then all these numbers get thrown out that I think Snell could could have a couple of games where he goes over a hundred yards which you know in two games. He could be halfway there so for that one. I'm I'm I didn't know where I was going to go until you guys both under I'll go over. So let's go with touchdown for Snell. I have this set. I had five live. So what do you think for. Do you think he could. He could get fired. Because he's the the in between the tackles Guy Kevin I. Yeah I think he could. I mean you know. I think he's a great.

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