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The play. The game is tied one one very well pitched game one two from divall centerfield turner real score love his on his way to third bellinger with the biggest hit of his career has just given the dodger. Two-to-one lead with max scherzer. Going in the bottom of the ninth to one would be the final. They advanced they take it in five years or his first career. Save here's bellinger on. Tbs with that big at bows down to strikes and within my approach the previous three or four pitches. I saw i just missed. Not time just stayed a little more simpler and got the job done. Data says twenty twenty one baseball then the richest team in baseball with the biggest payroll in baseball having to have a bullpen game which was weird because a reas was announced does the starter and then they changed their mind now. He did pitch for innings in the game. But it's just weird that they made that decision to change it and go with the opener. Saudi very right very odd and then to have sherzer. Close it out that said you also had a crappy ending to this game. Because woolmer flora's our old met friend had runner on first base and he gets called out on strike three on a check. Swing that was absolutely checks. Can we say this yeah. We're always hammering away at analytics. Do you think. The dodgers used analytics. Of course. they did the way they the matchups kind of kind of setup themselves the beginning of the game. I don't know. I mean logan weapons seven innings of one. Run ball against the damn good lineup. I know that. But what i'm saying but i'm saying to you though is the dodgers probably did use analytics in terms of matchups and starts off to start just same as as web gone. Yeah i mean and also the point would it would have been urea starting and he's still pitched for anything yet but he didn't start the game for a reason. I don't know what that reason was analytics season. It's i'm saying you starting pitching other teams cares. I mean that's what we all expect to have happen. But when you realize was the announced daughter and then didn't start. There's a reason for that. Yeah and that reason is analytics right but sometimes the on it so short same as the anex little like tired today looking at the flank steak there and that's real look very very good attracted to meet so much these days. That's what it is. Yeah here's a game kappler on the check swing just. It's just a tough way to end up there. There's no for especially right now. There's no need to horrible. it'd be angry about that. No no there is a reason. What are you talking about it. I try to be like. He's trying to be sportsmanship. He's trying to say the right thing. Chris tero kinko so you want him to go all in this season. They had horrendous. Now i know it wasn't the difference between a win and a loss but again. He took away their opportunity to have a chance to win the game. The sun tan oil. And go yell. I mean that's horrible. I know i could not believe that people stormed out of the dugout ready to kill that guy but just to mention the home plate empire was bad last night. This is a former met anyway. Ellen after the game i would have been. Maybe i don't know dodgers braves and elsie as game one tomorrow night in atlanta. You got the red sox and even playing this game. Because tony told us. It'll be the red sox and the dodgers so really. We should skip right to syria. That's true. I told you didn't have to watch away. I'll give you something if you believe in tony because you're not going to be able to get what was it again. The dodgers minus ten and a half number was going to be able to get that. Just put your money where your mouth is now and just put it on a red sox dodgers world series not. Can't get to that game six. The world series this series. Make it happen now. You guys already covered at the yankees not renewing the contracts of hitting coach. Marcus tim's and third base coach. Phil nevin The cardinals did fire manager. Mike shilton even though he was the manager of the year in two thousand nine hundred nine. Tony larussa is staying with the white sox next season. Nets beat the t. Wolves in preseason action knicks wizards. Tonight stars beat the rangers and overtime three two and the islanders lost hurricane six to three devils last calls up six goals. Wow devils blackhawks hockey jersey season-opener we make it to the playoffs and all the way to eastern conference final. That's island or hockey and talk to me about october hockey. Please keep it to yourself. You don't have a win yet. zip it all right boomer. Geo comedy alive or the built ford tough israelites company. They're yeah i get it right now. You're hearing all your favorite music on your favorite station but wait. There's more more songs from the artists on exclusive stations by odyssey just opened the odyssey app and click exclusive stations. Then a genre to dive deeper into station might be just music or maybe hosted by ed. Sheeran chris martin or one of your favorite deejays across alternative pop country soft rock. Latin are impeach youths and even for jet more with exclusive stations by odyssey brought to you by macy's geico and coke zero sugar thirty years ago this fall a law. Professor named anita hill testified about sexual harassment. At clarence thomas supreme court confirmation hearings now because of anita tells the real story of what happened. And what's changed. You'll hear from journalists witnesses and activists and listening on the first public conversation between professor hill and dr christine lousy. That's because of anita a production of pineapple street studios and the media are out now. Wherever you get your podcasts. Hi it's a lease lunen host of pulling the thread in this show. I chat with culture. Defining leaders thinkers and experts about this rare moment that we find ourselves in and how to think about our own lives and experiences within a larger social and spiritual contract. Listen and follow pulling the thread with me. Elise lunen a podcast presentation of cadence. Thirteen now for free on odyssey. And wherever you get your podcasts. The morning show with boomer esiason in gregg giannotti boomerang geo taught us on a show sheet this morning had to look it off because i did not believe and i wanna put our audience to the test with this as well. P- one in three men. According to some study of two thousand people is not enough by the way but two thousand people would give up watching football to get rid of their got to have either a flat stomach or six pack abs. Thirty seven percent of the two thousand men. Polled said that they would stop watching football in order to do that. Now if you're just doing two thousand men participate in studies like this. The probably not football fans to begin with if you polled our audience. Which i think we should do. There's no way we'll probably get two thousand right around. There will definitely get over a thousand you. There's no way that that number is the same absolutely no way. I'm not giving up my foot ball to get a six pack like who who comes up with a question like that anyway. You're an akito diet. Yeah i'm working on it. You work at stop and watching foot. That's what i'm saying but you work on your fatness. She could do both. Yeah you can do both but no the interesting part is what's more important to a man like is the the vein stuff the how do you look type of thing. This is not to be healthy. This question was not posed to be healthy. The question was to have a flat stomach or a six pack which basically means you look good and you'll like.

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