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Services forty nine wide receiver dante pettis wide receiver washington i think most of all we just knew pettus was really good and versatile football player that that we thought would excite a lot of everyone studies these guys each team sees them different you know he's a guy that i think was gonna appeal to a lot of people talked about the his his ability to contribute and be explosive on four doubts so he was a guy that we saw this guy is going to go and so you know we came into the draft really saying hey if we could come out with him we'd be doing very well alrighty merton hanks embellishing his role little bit but very good with the the intro there we'll talk about the draft with matt maiocco but just to get the elephant in the room out of the way here mad the deal with reuben foster this morning what exactly went down i think it was it was pushed back another week to may eighth and so as you know last week there's a turn of events with the alleged victim going public through her attorney saying i wasn't a victim at all in fact i lied about it they turned over some what they consider video evidence of a fight that she got in before the incident with foster at the los gatos home they claim that that is the kind of video evidence it will be able to pretty much proved that foster was not responsible for any of the injuries he incurred your marriage after one where she's fighting another woman that is correct yeah and so now now the office is saying okay let's let's take a harder look at this evidence this video and so it'll be back back on on may eighth to to see if this thing goes forward again have a man this is serious stuff and then we'll get to the job but what's your gut reaction on on what's taking place well i mean my gut reaction is that i think the forty niners felt that they knew this all along that that they you know you.

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