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Literally. there. But figuratively when it comes, you're a doubly yes. We don't want any. We had enough belly bumping going on during the debate last night but. I digress, we'll see I'm excited not that it's all about me or anything, but I can take bus back down to the rockies. Sorry sorry. I know. You know you know At some point yes. At some point. Yes Right by that topic, right? Yeah. Well, the cool part about this I, mean if you do take to get done to the rockies winning if we're ever able to go again you that busting. Trip now we're we're estimating savings of about ten to fifteen minutes. because. Essentially you know as you know now when that bus gets off at thirty four it has to that one park and ride but that park and ride is only a right out. So it has to go down innocent Tara. Go over go around don't roundabouts right in and come back through. So it is a real slowdown, not only on and off the freeway, but it is slow down once you get off to try to get back on. So, this isn't going to be a tremendous savings and It's interesting this this hub now has kind of gotten the attention of of folks all around the state in fact, the governor is expecting. Some huge interest in this because obviously, you know this is multi modal transportation with busting it's got. It's fuel-efficient. It's time efficient It really is going to be a huge benefit for folks in northern Colorado, would we really? Expected. This is going to help improve, the busting ridership all ready on this end of the detract significantly higher than we had expected in the beginning anyway. You know and I think you make an excellent point there and I know I had a great experience on staying and I will certainly take advantage of that again. But we just driving on thirty four. You know back to your earlier point about all the roadwork and Kendall Parkway and everything going on there and it is astounding because it is significant work. But what is so cool is seeing what you and I have talked about for so long coming to fruition and I it's with. I understand there's a little bit of disruption there, but it's minimal. Yeah, you know I it. I've been in this job now for six almost seven years now. and. So, many of these projects that I've seen, you know in those original sketches was started off with some engineer kind of you know pencilling at around in and muddling it around and then talking about and I'm like are you kidding me and how do you you know and and then just you're right to see all of this come into play is is truly impressive. I think you know for me the first Real eye-opener was when we did crossroads. And and seeing how we were able to build a temporary bridge for all of I twenty five traffic while we built the other ones and and you know that just kind of blows me away that you know that that can happen. So yeah, I I agree with you when I when I'm seeing these things actually you know they're no longer artist rendering it. It's an actual thing that's not a schematic anymore. I mean it's like it's real and you watching it unfold real time and you know mount for to it's still there. It is you don't. Coming. Less of a mountain more hill. Yes. I did notice that. We driving by it, and I said to my husband keys, we should plant a flag on top there and claim it. Well. You know what? I always tell people people want to know how is the progress on I twenty five and I should actually if you just watch Malfo to and and watch it, go down. That shows you how how much we're putting on I twenty five he go as hill goes down I twenty five. Closer and closer just know that. kind of kind of like a weird opposite kind of a sand timer you. Or whatever so. Exactly. So proper reference. You're right. Okay. Always appreciate all the information and all the fun jared files cdot region four communications manager. Only you can make traffic fund. I'm glad to hear that. Thank you scale. Suffer Great Day. Eight, Forty, seven now thirteen ten K. F. K A. Party northern Colorado's forks thirteen ten KFI K. A. The Block Party Wednesdays from four ten PM. Boise State Bronco Turn Denver Bronco just who is new starting quarterback Brett Rippin we'll talk about of the whole show thirteen, ten KFI..

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