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If you're a history buff or you just want to see if movies are actually accurate. And i like that. I enjoy that enjoy going out like hey how truth like that. Mid that midway movie that came out like how truthful was that really right. If you really wanna know they say it's based on a true story but we never really know so based if you're if you need a new podcast listen to super interesting and factual based on a true story. Podcast dot com. Thanks dan and i have to do this. Because it's glenn only get back to get back to you guys. You only have me Dave i think i'm sorry there we go just so dang sexy man. I was like you know we're just gonna show we're gonna spotlight jim the whole episode but yeah so i i wanna make now i wanna make greg you know or jerry. Whatever his name is wanna make glenn field. Thank you. Thank you actually. I'm i'm happy to not talk about horses last two weeks. But you're glen. You're doing like you're on the road. You're meeting your listeners. I mean this is kinda. I think this is the the mecca of podcasting in some respect. Where you get to go face to face with the listeners. Have you have you learned in in the last two weeks. You've done this before. But just that. I don't think anybody's done what we're doing and podcasting where we're staying at their homes. You know in their farms. So there's one thing to do meet ups. There's another thing to stamp their their farms for two nights. We're in our rv. We're not in their house So we're our rv which is like being home every night when you go into it. Which kinda nice. I would never do this with a hotel. Tripper doing five weeks were in two weeks now with three more to go. And where fifteen hundred miles right now. So we've done six meet ups we've stayed maybe five places five or six different farms and so it is different in that we are. We are truly saying how they live where their horses are. It's i don't know that this has ever been done before and podcasting. I will say this. I think inspired people. Because i when i was on facebook today Our buddy from texas. Who always has his critique lightning. I'm drawing a blank on his name. He does a sports show. Anyway he has an rv. And is i think going on the road. I saw a couple of people like. Hey we're going on the road to me. I know somebody who did that. I so it's interesting tip because they're very excited to see you in our case some of them listen to our show for ten or twelve years you know and the daily show daily for twelve ten or twelve years Up so okay. So it's been it you know it's been interesting to see that. How how they react to you because you're a celebrity just pulled into their driveway. You know we don't feel that way because we all have imposter syndrome right so David i especially and we pulling their driveway and they're so excited and the first reaction is. I can't believe you're at my house so you know that that's kind of what we're doing for. All the daily shows on this five weeks is all the guests our listeners. So we're not having any other guests other than the interviews. I do with them at their houses or at meet ups and things along the way..

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