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Criminality it's nothing it's nothing less than criminality and the idea that these people ought to be given a pass to do this most of them. Honestly if you're protesting in a in a civil way, you have every right in America to do that, but to commit crimes as so many of these people are doing I also believe there's evidence that many of these people are not even from the local areas that this is a it's all ginned up and that through social media they're kind of gathering in these cities, and it's kind of a planned. You know anarchists rebellion, using the excuse of the horror that was perpetrated on. On George Floyd and we have to understand that these are you know are the equivalent of carpetbaggers these are not people from the neighborhood that most of them are are. Are you know they're they're? They're troublemakers. They despise America and any excuse. They can find to bring about you know cultural Marxism and or anarchy they will use, and that's exactly what's going on and I think that you know. The news will eventually catch up with that much more slowly than should. Yeah I I'm stunned at the way in which. I now. A little bit Martin Luther King an admirable man in many ways. We now know that he was a flawed man as well. but he, he wrote in the tree. Pacifism on nonviolent resistance is a courageous confrontation of evil by the Tau of lopped. It seems to me that many who claim follow these footsteps is civil rights activists. Display anything but love. It's more of a soda hydrogen content. Tools. This the is the antithesis of Dr King's vision, the absolute antithesis they celebrate hate. They revel in hate. There's no question they revel in hate. They celebrate revenge. Christians do not celebrate revenge. We may be tempted toward revenge, but we condemn it When we think of the Charlotte shooting, this this this young disturbed white man, killing nine Christians in cold blood I interviewed a number of the survivor's on my radio program. The Eric Metaxas, show which is also and Youtube. And they have forgiveness, and they preach forgiveness. It is the most dramatic example of Christian faith that you've ever seen that. These people who have every reason to be outraged to to be to be furious with anger and wanting revenge are saying no. No, no, no, we're Christians Christians. We don't see it that way. We pray for our enemies. We love our enemies We don't condone what they did. We don't make light of it, but we are humble enough to know that we too are sinners, and so we preach forgiveness, it is so dramatic and stands in such contrast to to the vile displays of revenge and criminality that we see happening right now that. That you have to know that if there is a god I believe that there is, but even if you're not sure you just look at the situation, you think. What are these people hoping to accomplish except you know getting out of their parents basement, acting out their fantasies of of mashing plate glass window, maybe stealing something's being hero among their friends, but they have no great goals. They have no great vision they they are failures, their societies, failures, and our leaders are enabling them and it will be to their eternal discredit. It said so it's a it's a grotesque paroxysm in our culture right now. I think we'll get through it, but it's. It's fascinating to see it happening. The the best non court in in this country. Anyway, visiting would be the one that. I think not into full wasn't drained when Macho of the judge on content of the act that the..

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