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To lose. we were down over three. You know we were in every game. Didn't get a bounce here bounce there And it was kind of a weird because reading was actually. We're the fitzy but reading was the sixers seven They upset a couple of higher seats as well and We went down. And you know I just you our energy levels the first to catch up with US. A little bit Sinker Demayo happen. Multi heard the urban legend is true. Our boys got and we had three. We had three days off Or fear for these off. Actually Bon Jovi was using writings arenas to check. It was the Chris System so we played three games. And then we've had it was like four days off. So Cinco de Maya. The boys were like. Hey one go to dinner or have a couple of drinks. I'm like that's fine. And they came in the next day reeking of like Ben Gay Big Red trying to hide it and everything else. Fortunately our guys out there guys and we started chipping away. Yeah I just I said you know 'cause a couple of people that car you're going to be mad you know they're out drinking. It's the conference finals and guys. Were Down Three Datsun. And a big speech or getting be angry pull pulled Lombardi or something like that. It's not GonNa work and guys you know and it was like we need to win a period. You know we're not GONNA win four games in the first minute of game for a period. I think Tamil told me I think the remaining twelve periods we were ten or to Kind of saying that we just started. Chipping Away. We had a couple of tough lineup. Decisions Some guy. It just wasn't working for you especially one of our guys so I sat him and that was kind of I. Think the guys in the locker room or she's one of our leading scores and guys like oh. Wow Chuck's really well you know this. You know sit scores to try to win this and whatever it takes and he actually sat all four games That we came back played all five games in the finals. And I think he's their second or third day scoring the whole playoffs leading. Miss Those those are the forget engine. We had a couple of hard talks and Early on and it just wasn't working is like hey you're not going tonight game four. He's just looked at me and I was like Yep and then game five k okay. I'm like no you're not going to either. Then he realized he wasn't playing the rest of the series he came out the after. Game Seventies. I Okay. I understand and you know if you're free if you if you need me Game One. I'm like yeah. You're playing a game on well. You know all went from there chuck. What did it mean you win it on home ice in front of thirteen thousand four hundred eighty three? What did it mean to do it there? And and your sense of what it meant to the fans that Oh it was. It was unbelievable especially going through it just two years earlier in two thousand eight seeing the crowds and you know the and stuff that we had had for that for that round against Vegas and huge crowd come in and I think it was like one of the things. We had some great crowds during the regular season. You Know Ray Ray. Harris our owner and Kristen the whole front office had done a great job you know and and and John had done great with you know promoting the team through his you with with him with his job and It was just like one of those they just kept pouring in people just kept pouring in pouring in and especially when we went up. What late when Robinson took the shot in everyone starts chanting? We want the cup and then it started going. We want the cup again You you've been in many different cities over the years. Is it fair to say that the city of Cincinnati holds a very special place in your art it? Does you know my first head. Coaching job. you know woman have a lot of hockey over those four years. You know I think a lot of pride in the standpoint. We went from my first year in two thousand six. Didn't have a player. You know we were new franchise. We just starting up again You know we had the brand name but we didn't have the team yet. You know so. You know when when ray brought me in that first year we lost in the division finals. Then we win it. We lose the conference finals and we win it again. And then Jeez you know. Three of the next four coaches all played for me. You Know Jerry skull the in place for me and Orlando Matt. Mcdonald won a championship with me. Eight And they're in great hands now with Mattie Thomas Coach against Mattie for decades and You know so just the point that the team has been so successful now over the fourteen fifteen year stretch. I think they've only made me miss the playoffs one year or two years and you know to win a couple and you know. I think if you're GONNA look down the history of Cincinnati. Sport is probably one of the most successful runs here over a decade and a half In Cincinnati history. Chuck I got about a minute. Update listeners. What what are you up to these days? Where are you these days? I in Coaching College. Hockey now I'm at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. So for the hockey fans it's an ECAC school Famous for guys like Adam oates Mike mcphee Joey Juneau Juneau Their PUPA those types guys. We've had about fifty or sixty. Nhl players come through our doors. This is your to from the college hockey working with a guy by the name of Dave Smith. WHO's the head coach here? Who has been a longtime friend? I have a four year old now. So yeah the jumping around of Pro Nineteen years pro coaching and just decided to change gears a Little Bit Movie Division One College Hockey. And that's what I've been doing so has in the American league and went to Europe and now couldn't some roots down here in North American College. Excellent Hey let you go to the show that follows me tonight. Is the reality check. One half of that. Is Tom Gamble? Tom Gamble called during the break and said to tell you he said hello. I'm bit that I spent a lot of good time with him. Those last couple of years. And Yeah it definitely miss those guy all the people and the you know the fans especially it was such a special place and You know it's funny that the replaying the game tonight on YouTube Replay the replaying game. Five tonight live and auto repair win from two thousand eight as well so ones are doing. Okay jobs staying on that sports landscape there. Cincinnati excellent so great to hear your voice so great catching up with the appreciate the time congrats on everything. You have going on best to let going forward. They take care there. You go check Weber. Head coach of the cyclones ten years ago tonight when they won the Kelly Cup for the second time in three years. I am way late news time and then dubbed flying around the corner on the anniversary tonight of his first Major League home. Run with the big red machine after we check. News Aren't carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet? Seven hundred WWL W..

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