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You all the latest the details everything you need to know build tell you about some of the unbelievable stories of this corona virus there's a senator who cashed in on this and made a profit on it already people calling from to be prosecuted we've got ten thousand people who have already died from corona virus now we've got twenty thousand have died from the flu so we you know it's a bad thing this coronavirus if you if you're in great shape I've got to talk to people that have been through it if you're in great shape you'll survive even if you're older it long as you're in good shape healthy you'll survive but just like the flu if you have an underlying disease or heart disease or lung disease it can be very very dangerous so we'll go we'll go through all of this the governor saying the trains will remain open and keep running up the buses are running trains are running it's probably pretty say I mean nobody can go anywhere they don't have to but if you have to go some of the train is probably the safest way the subway very few people on it it's easy to get ten feet away from everybody since there's only three four people in a car and you don't touch anything the door opens by itself closes by itself I'd be a little more nervous about taking a cab or an uber because when you get in that car you're touching the doorknob on the outside and the inside you're in this little tight space with the driver it can spread that we should be a little careful there drive through testing sites more and more are opening one in Coney Island today New Jersey is opening one there's they're springing up all over Long Island Stony Brook Jones beach we'll get to the mayor of we'll get to the governor the governor impressing everybody people are very impressed with Andrew Cuomo Rudy Giuliani a lot more hate him is considered one of the great crisis managers of all time as a result of his handling of nine eleven nobody could have been better in that situation remember he was kind of unpopular before nine eleven the messy divorce all of that kind of tarnished his reputation but his brilliance at crisis management after nine eleven changed everything and that's where he became known as America's mayor so he is tweeted out governor Cuomo looking statesmanlike very impressed with governor Cuomo he's also tweeted out mayor de Blasio looking like a frightened hack the mayor screaming on news and MSNBC everywhere to scream in call out the military do this do that the last thing you want to do in a crisis is look frightened looks scared governor of it every day the governor handling this brilliantly these two hate each other they fight all the time a lot of it is that stuff the governor says one thing the mayor contradicts some of the other far as a shelter in place it's probably not necessary because if you vote look around where do you live people already are sheltering in place nobody is going out unless they have to if there is a shelter in place order which there probably won't be if there is such an order it means you stay in but you can go to the supermarket you can go out for anything necessary you could even walk around a little you just can't gather in groups there is more than a shelter in place in California the call that a lock down all forty million people in California been asked to stay home and go out that they should have probably been a rule anyway for these people in California they're really annoying these people in California and maybe after this is over and we're all through this maybe that continue that all the people of California go out they want nonessential services to close down but he knows they're still living M. S. N. B. C. on here so that's another thing most important you'll get through this ninety seven percent of the people at least will not get this you'll probably be fine as long as you take the right precautions stay home social distancing you'll be fine but you got it you got to be careful and just be tough be strong and don't panic that's the most important thing now I'm not saying this for any political reason but do not watch CNN or MSNBC at all they're they're just trying to frighten you and terrify everybody all day long they're doing it for two reasons one I guess they think it's better ratings and also they think they're damaging the president that way but and it's not this is not a political thing don't watch CNN or MSNBC you'll get terrified once this is over you can go back to watching it all day but stay away from that stick to more neutral sources just giving you the information governor Cuomo disease daily briefings are very good president's daily briefings are very good don't what we see mayor deblasio switch the channel run just run because he's trying to frighten everybody he looks frightened himself yelling to call up the military nobody quite knows what he wants the military to do there is intensive painted shortages of the masks gowns gloves respirators ventilators all that stuff but if you watch the presidents briefings with all the corporate heads all the experts it looks like they are doing everything we can do they're gearing up factories that got the existing factors going twenty four seven the converting other factories the auto industry says they can start making these respirators and masks it's not that easy you know you figure an assembly line you can make everything but apparently to make masks you have to set up all kinds of special conditions you have to have okay like a special quarantine room you have to have a sanitary this and that so it'll take a little while to convert all these factors but but production will increase most people will not be hospitalized I've been checking the numbers out of all the cases of about eighty percent or more symptoms eighty five percent do not need to be hospitalized so that's that's the good news a lot of people are lined up to get tested in most of these drive if you can't just show up you got to call you got to make an appointment but been talking to the people doing the testing they say the the people these are you in to get tested needs of already got symptoms you clearly got something you're sick so out of those people are testing only twenty percent are testing positive with this casualties in this playboy magazine is it's gone out of business the print edition of the closed down because obviously nobody's gonna people have worried about everything you wanna go to a newsstand and buy a magazine or a newspaper you're afraid to touch it now here's a couple of things yeah people are afraid when they get an Amazon delivery of somebody handle the box you might head corona virus so objected to this virus can live on cardboard but not more than twenty four hours so if you want to.

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