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R. E. E. N. and he's with us every couple weeks to talk TV Dan how are you okay how you doing next I'm all right can you believe it's been thirty years since Belushi passed away all well you sort of pause and think what would his career P. today what with the direction have been that he would have taken one I don't know would you have sort of the Bill Murray career where she was nominated for a couple Oscars in people revered him in that way which you have to sort of become more like Dan Aykroyd and not necessarily gone down as productive the past yeah get accurate but not a prostitute he was yeah I so I know I I think about that periodically whatever I happened upon animal house on TV your classic SNL sketch I think okay we're we keep P. thirty eight years later what would his career in it's a very difficult thing to think about is it is and you know we have this interesting because one of the last movie that he made was a so called continental divide which was yelp of really sweet romantic comedy and not at all like he played like I'm Mike Royko like reporter who goes up to these to to interview this woman played by Blair brown who lives in the mountains and and they fall in love they slowly fall in love and it was so unlike anything that blue she ever did and I always thought that that was kind of the first step into like broadening his career instead of just doing that you know the the the wacky comedy that he was known for the slob kind of comedy that he was known for and I thought he was really terrific income them divide and it is all the more disappointing that that was one of his last movie no he he was like he was a force of nature and you know the reality is that when you think of the excesses that those guys had and the lives that they lived you know who knows what was gonna happen if you needed another year or two years or anything I mean there's just no way of knowing him I guess that's the sort of sad mystery at all yeah it could have been it could have been internet or it could have been fine and we just never got the chance to find out exactly all right the M. Feinberg is from The Hollywood Reporter and we talk on television if you wanna jump it is three one two nine eight one seven two hundred lots of TV to talk about there always is and we will talk about that tonight Priceline it priceless home movies lost maybe for ever how to make sure it doesn't happen to you WGN TV investigates tonight at nine there was a time not so long ago when watching the news.

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