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Receptions for 124 yards. Nagi Harris, the 13 yard run down to the 33 Yard line of Ohio State. They were at the 26 yard line here is that play Trevor's talking about second three out of the pistol. Here comes a place and it's a screen Paris on the near side line of beautiful call. He hasn't He's inside the 10, and he has a touchdown chopped down by Josh character as he Crossed the goal line so similar play defensively for Ohio State. This time, though, it worked for Alabama linebacker Barron Brown. He was on the offensive left side, he blitzed from death. But this time, Obama said a message as he was going into the quarterback running back Nagy. Harris was standing between him and the quarterback. As if to block. Harris gave him the evil eye just for a beat and then slipped him and took off down the left sideline. While Browning was trying to get to the quarterback, Jones knew that he was on blocked and he threw the ball over his head to a wide open now, Jean Harris 26 yard touchdown. That was a message sent You try that blitz. It worked for you. One time. It will never work again. Could Ohio State tie the game? This is where it all turned. Ohio State had it inside the Alabama 15. There was a pass for the tight end Jeremy Rucker. He got hit by Jordan Battles crown of the helmet helmet to helmet. Targeting call battle was done. Ohio State could not score seven They settled for a Jake Cyber 23 yard field goal Alabama leading 21 to 17, and then it became the Devante Smith show. All in the five on the left hash mark out of the gun. Jones, their son is rate Hit shift goes in motion to the right rolling right. His Jones Smith open in the flat president five and has a touchdown walks in right next to the tithe. Another short pass to a wide open Devante Smith. Then he went five yards or more after the catch for another touchdown on the Heisman Trophy winner Smith. Trevor was just running wild against that Ohio State D guess he display made me laugh. It was another one where they scheme. Unfair advantage. That was unnecessary. But why not? He started out on the left side. He emotional way over to the right then emotions back in to about where the quarterback was inside. Then the ball was snapped and he turned around and double back to the right. So he went back and forth back and forth. While there was a safety at death, trying to match him going back before the magma forth, and that safety couldn't keep up when Smith Ended up breaking to their upright pilot. It was whole areas to watch on that catches second touchdown catch of the night he had 11 receptions 173 yards. We're still in the second quarter and he wasn't done. Second seven Jones steps in the pocket. Deep down the middle Colton man is divided a smooth touchdown he was behind the linebacker was born into a draft back in time to run with Smith. Just I was some sort of zone coverage didn't work on Devante. Smith has his third touchdown. Good night. 12 receptions. 215 Yards, three touchdowns. 35 1st half points for Alabama 366 yards. This wouldn't make me laugh. This one made me feel kind of bad. The Ohio State defense because it was another diabolical designed by opposite coordinated Steve Sarkeesian. On the right side. They ran a receiver up the hold the corner on that side up closer to the line of scrimmage on the left side. You had Smith cutting all the way across to the right corner. He was chased by linebacker tough Borland, who had no prayer whatsoever to stop that play. It was another scheme for a fantastic matchup for the Heisman Trophy winner. Yeah. 12 catches 215.

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