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No no really interesting you're playing video games yeah i guess we at high and i'm sick and so i'm josh wolff okay and he was get high and drunk and i'm like i'm sick of and i have these edibles and they're these little blueberries and each serving two milligrams and in my head i know joey takes a thousand milligrams so das but i would i would gladly you could sell me two milligrams of thc for the same price you sell joey five hundred milligrams gladly you need a burt dose yeah i would gladly get the one that works for me and pay the exact same price as the one that works for that guy that's not about idea chelsea clinton chelsea handler by the way who i make a joke about my special buy really do love her i really do what's the job oh you don't wanna say no caller but but it's not as if it's a joke it's just i don't mean it but whatever just i heard you to work with i love chelsea handler i don't know her at all i don't even never even met her but follow an instagram i love her she's coming out with weed where just gets you high enough to take the edge off the day well that's my other idea it's not quite that but it's very similar it's it's weed that they by the way i don't know if there's possible it's where they start making a strain of weed that is so mellow not just high wise but also inhaling wise the you can smoke twenty of them day and they're for people trying to quit smoking cigarettes.

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