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And on TD everybody That's spectator. Will in line at. The museum speaking with, channel seven this morning today, is the first of two days of public viewing for Aretha. Franklin on Thursday her body will be at the new Bethel Baptist, church and then Friday is the funeral for the first time since John McCain died President Trump speaking about McCain hearts and prayers going to the family of Senator. John McCain it'd be a. Lot of activity over the next number of days and. We very much appreciate everything that Senator McCain has done for our country is the effort to reach a deal with North Korea falling apart in a letter North Korean. Officials are warning the US efforts at diplomacy are reaching a fragile state here's correspondent will Ripley. With bullet points, of that is still not ready to meet North. Korean expectations in, terms of taking a step forward, to sign a peace treaty denuclearization is again at stake and may fall apart and. Pyongyang could resume nuclear and missile activities if that happens That is what North Korea says the tentative agreement between the US and Mexico on. NAFTA says that about forty five percent of a car must be made by workers earning at. Least sixteen dollars an hour to avoid tariffs one vehicle. Would be moved across the US. Mexico border it also. Requires that seventy five, percent of a car's parts, must come from North America to avoid tariffs while what does. This mean Pauline Stein the Detroit bureau dot com telling Paul W, information is starting to get out there is that Americans will wind up paying a lot more money for new cars going forward if this deal and something similar. To it is acted across. All of the borders that happened make making up what. We call NAFTA Canada will now negotiate with the Trump administration the motive is unclear but prosecutors say it wasn't Epsilon a man who went on a recent rampage with a sledgehammer in Detroit who went after a couple of queue line stations that man in court. Twenty four old Matters sought for. The murders of two people who. Were found dead in a shed in Clinton township one of the victims is, the man sister they think that Robert Marceca is the man who killed his eighteen year old sister Danielle and. Her nineteen year old friends serene Chad Robert Marzano's believed. To be driving a nineteen ninety nine forty to fifty van with a license plate of DIGI em seven six five eight a McComb county judge? In court not as a judge but, as a defendant fifty one year old Kathryn stealing is charged with two misdemeanors in connection to a car crash in September of last. Year stealing was accused of failing to stop at the scene of an accident she faces a, year in jail if she's convicted the case was moved from mccone county prosecutors to. Wayne County last January, to determine whether to charge St., inland was a longtime Mecom county judge Marie Osborne WJR news on elementary school teacher put on paid leave last night by. The van Buren school board as it Investigates complaints that Linda Janik was operating an X-rated porno. Site whether husband she teaches reading at edge. Mont elementary school and van Buren township WJR news time coming up on seven zero four, here's Steve Courtney sports all right, Richard Tigers, back at it they'll begin the first of two in Kansas City Royals game one tonight at eight fifteen Tigers go in, having, lost, three, in a row the Detroit Lions, announcing yesterday that they, have brought aboard veteran defensive end Robert Ayers drag a little help in the pass rush meanwhile the lions continue their preparations for the fourth.

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