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Here to New York, where the six count indictment was brought. And where shall be temporarily detained. NBC's Aaron Carter Ski You're listening to ABC News on I Hard Radio Station News, 93.1 Kfbk. I'm John Byrne, Isaiah to 02 with your top local stories. California Governor Gavin Newsom is launching a public awareness campaign to encourage everyone to wear a mask to combat Corona virus. During a briefing, the governor said the Comprehensive initiative will include public service announcements, radio and TV commercials. And billboards in multiple languages. In addition to a nearly $11 million investment, the campaign has also received $27 million in contributions. The effort will highlight the importance of California's public mass mandate that had been in place for a couple of weeks. Newsome also said, virus hospitalizations positivity rate and I see you. Admissions continue to increase. Groceries. A grocery store near Lake Tahoe is encouraging its customers not to buy single use plastic water bottles, but instead purchase a drink. Tahoe Tap branded reusable water bottle. Aimee Berry, CEO of the Tahoe Fund, says it's better for the environment. He plastic bottles and plastic bottle tops show up on the beach isn't on our trails in Tahoe, and it's really silly because You don't need to drink water out of a plastic bottle in Lake Tahoe. We have the most pure drinking water in the world. The Railly store an incline village, Nevada is becoming the very first grocery store to encourage its customers to use reusable water bottles. If the pilot is successful rallies may consider expanding the program to other store locations. Traffic.

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