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Is that properly life hall, which is used in these aggressive fo- constituents years ago, that was used as an environmental disinfectant in hospitals and miniatures of Trans on this often been specialized that that might have some protective effect against. Infections, but that's that's missing insulation. Where I was going to Jerry was. The Anti vaping? Bobby jump on pretty much anything and I want to talk a bit now about the the valley outbreaks and the The hysteria about raping in relation to those deaths from. ACETATE and vaping THC's. We just tell the audience in your way. Tell them about episode and about your take. Man Who is forgotten that bump because. You do now to about Kevin, but yes, it's not so long ago as that. In this year that the concern about lung injury, deaths related to the use of e cigarettes. and. There was a lot of confusion misinformation at the time, the cause of of they major coverage, and even some of the government US government coverage was e cigarettes. On, the eventually turned out that it was people who Vatan cannabis products, which had mixed into them. Vitamin E, acetate. Now to recreate vaping of JC with vacant of nicotine is rollock confusing delivery systems with what's being GotTa Gauss. Routes with gadgets Vatan. Products Different, devices they all similar that different devices to eat cigarettes, and you can't vacate. See in e cigarette, so using the word e CIG racial vacant conflicted issue it. Should have been alerted the fact that it wasn't nicotine. That was the issue because the first cases were clusters in the US Senate. It wasn't across. The US and the outright was entirely confined to the US, there have been any such deaths reported in other countries, so the FDA should have been in the CDC should have been loved that there was something autograph on invention they discovered that most of the people who has lung disease. had been invaded THC products, not all of them, but again when you're. You're people clinically and you ask people whether they've been vacant and illegal substance and I think council people, sometimes denying the vape THC, and sometimes the cases went very five by you talks testing, and so on so this is a full campaign really against they did nicotine e cigarettes, but it does show you how you can have a sudden of can jump on the bandwagon so. Very specific incident doesn't happen the gun injuries and deaths in the US are not attributable to kind of regulated nicotine vapor products that we have in the UK in Europe. It finds decide. It's an example of non-regulated. Take Simao Absolutely dot should be the message that if you have an unregulated market and people sell anything. Quite like you, too, so some people are GonNa get more toxic as more dangerous compounds. Let's get me into this other issue flavors. You've already touched on the banning of flavors and the campaign against maker, but most people probably understand why this is relevant and might even think it's kind of. counter-productive because he flavors help people, stop smoking then I. wouldn't you want flavor so, can you? Explain to the audience. The American hysteria about flavors lease. The Americans Daria about flavors comes about because many flavors have flavor descriptors names. which seemed to appeal to young people gummy bear. CANDYFLOSS but. In fact, these jokes names adult vapors can quite like there are some flavorings shouldn't be there. thia central shouldn't be the. Cinnamon flavors, possibly be. But flame is a very important I. You'd have to add flavors cousin out flavors. Nicotine doesn't taste that much doesn't taste very nice to make a tobacco flavor veep. You have to add flavorings and make tastes like tobacco is not inherently so. Flavors in fanfares nothing much really..

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