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Be Honest this whole Peter Producer thing is really messing with my head. Okay so you can get out of my head you guys. I just went back and I read the texts from My producer producer friend and. I sent him a screen shot of the allegations and I had to laugh in categories because I thought it was just so silly and and he responded by saying it's all over the Internet exclamation mark and I said so funny. That's that's all that's all it happened happened. That was when you came into this podcast. You said it's so not free. That's what you said Ashley. The good through -tective. Yeah I was GonNa say this the moment you need to sit down and learn from your assumptions and how you're reading situations and go. You got confident that that wasn't true based on that right there which you make me go. Oh Wow wow it is true that would make you go. Oh Wow this is probably true so what I think. There's also a picture of them with his family on New Year's Eve and there's some speculation about how she detached herself or something from it. Would you this. How much do you feel? Spoilers now I mean should we stop at this point like if it's true we're spoiling the whole thing of it's not true then I don't know but during during our break Torres said something really funny. She's like what if Chris Harrison interrupts that final rose ceremony as we see in the scene in the next episode and he said we all all production just found this out your producer just left because she can't handle seeing you get engage age. Oh my gosh anymore. I don't know team we're going to have to put it like at the beginning of this. PODCASTS say like the first twenty minutes of this is speculation. Something might be true that we have no clue. Fidel isn't it. If it's true we spoil the whole entire season. Well you know it was bound to happen one day. Gosh Dang it all right. Let's get this episode okay We ourselves Lima Peru when my favorite places in the world the food is amazing. The scenery is great in. Peter is hoping at this point to get out of the drama that has led them here to South America America. We find him face timing his mom. It's a sweet moment similar to what we've seen in the past. I think it's a good moment for us just to see where he's he's at and what he's in touch with his mom is at is obviously back in the US. Peter at this point Ashley. It's it's healthy for me as a viewer to watch every the episode. I expect to see him just like in tears in the fetal position in the corner be like. I don't WanNa do this anymore. Every episode every day I feel like he has a great way of have kind of starting over compartmentalizing. What happened in the past football player? Yeah it's weird right. Yeah on the next play. Yeah on the next play onto the next game Dan. I'm worried about Peter though starting with his entrance into the Girls Hotel Room. He's obviously realizing how hard this is. Ben and here's my thought right now. it's not been a secret. I'm a fan of Peter. I think Peter has made some some poor decisions along the way I think kissing girls in front of other girls not great. I think you could have put his foot down. But other than that Peterson. Nice guy and that's really all we want from. This show is to see a good guy or a good girl. Find Good Love I'm a fan of Peter Webber. I don't hate Peter Webber at all. But here's my thing I'm I'm worried. Once he walks into the room that we realized with the first time just how much of a disconnect there are between him and these women up to this point usually when it gets down to to this many we are vested into a couple relationships at least and we are familiar with every character and we understand their stories and what their struggles riggles are Ashley. I watch him walk into that room and I feel like he is. He's almost the stranger walking into a room. Full of not friends just like acquaintances and it feels weird watching it back. The only person I feel like he does have something. Genuine and strong with is Madison. Listen and we see him take her out on their On a date on one of their first one since week one technically it was episode one. Yeah and I mean she. She's she's so far so far beyond any other girl when it comes to connection. Yeah that's that's obvious. I watched this daytime data Mike. This is a date. This is the funny part Ashley. Their date felt like a date that we typically during season see like two weeks ago an and most of the dates like it felt like the date words like. Oh Yeah. They're into each other. This is good. This happens with two or three different girls. Now it's just like one good day on this show and we're all like oh there it is it's over. Oh I mean I kept saying it's over like just send everyone else home. It's not even close now now isn't so I mean I have a total theory that the scene in the next episode the coming episodes lead on. But we'll get there later I had. Here's the thing with this date though. There's a big moment this date the bothered me so the cocktail hour dinner party. Or whatever they do at the end and they're sitting being there and Madison obviously has very strong faith. Faith is is really important to her. My faith is very important to me. I know along with many any other people who've been on the show as you start to pursue somebody and you start to get closer and closer to the end if you're going to continue a relationship with them these are the kind of conversations that you have to to have almost early on and continue to build off of faith family what you hope for for what you dream dream of what your childhood dreams are. We're pursuing life like those are important conversations. The frilly this one for her. I was excited to see. She comes into it and says Peter. Here's why map. Here's what I really want. My Dad has led our family in this way In it's been something that I've always wanted husband. Peter Admits which I'm glad he did. Hate faith is something I have. But it's not been something that I put on the forefront of my life. I think he's just says it. Maybe it's something that I would like to get better at. which if I was Madison? This point I'd say Peter it's going to be hard for me to commit to you until like if this is that important to me until I see that this is a huge thing. All he says to her is I just want to know how to you. I am and she goes. That's all I need to hear. I'm like that doesn't make sense. We're talking about faith and what you want in the future and a guy says he's into you know well he said reading that wrong. Yeah I think so. I think he was like faith. Is something that I really want to get better at. And I'm excited about L.. Possibly being with a woman who could really strengthen that department of my life and then she was like. That's all I have to here is that you are willing and excited about becoming a bigger part of your life. Okay Yeah Fair. I mean I just felt like that conversation conversation was one. That was a big one. I felt like it was one that could have gone a lot of different directions and I feel like just settled out to like. Maybe I didn't feel like I learned anything about them other than that. They're not really on the same like page during that conversation. I felt like that was one that was really gonNa make or break this relationship ship and I just felt like I left to go on was okay. Well I think we'll see more of it next week when we go home with him With her and he's going to have have a conversation with her dad about this go well. Hey I'll be looking for to see nine of the woman in the House. We're talking about Madison's faith and just how important it was to her so could've madison for being herself. No matter where she's at during this experience and I'm glad That she brought up the Peter but at the same time. We'll flash back to the house where the where. The women are hanging out during Peter and Madison's Day and we find Tasha who has yet to get a one on one. She's a little bit distraught and upset about it but hey hey. Don't fear Natasha. Because Peter's coming through the day card that says let's explore for the second one date of the episode. There's like an equation to to this episode every year. Now it's like two one on ones with two SCHUMAN's that being Kelsey in Madison in this case one one day with a girl you're GONNA dump And then the three on one which is always up in the air. I can't imagine to this point. TASHA and having people get to one on ones multiple times before I get one point. Don't you think you're saying it's time for me to go like this. Just isn't working for us. Yeah I would say that right. Am I wrong like I'll speak for contestants out there and say that if you don't get a one on one within the first you know how many weeks we are now in the sun week seven like. This probably isn't something that you're going to want to invest too much more into unless you're just is having a good time. Yeah Yeah agree. Yeah I mean if it were if it were me there. I probably just myself home on the date. I thought Peter later. Well yes I think. That's kind of what happened. Honestly I mean it felt like they set down at dinner. Natasha Pretty soon knew that it wasn't going in a great direction. Peter knew that I was just trying to get her to a place where she understood and then they mutually parted ways. They had a great day out and say they mutually parted ways. She it wasn't happy Nash. Happy happy and she was like. Oh I know I'm GonNa find someone I hope you do. Yeah it was kind of interesting after her comment on. I got my expert too intense and then she's like yeah. I'm GonNa find somebody that was that moment for me. I was like Oh crap crap Peter all of a sudden I'd be thinking about my head. I hope I find somebody also because now I'm nervous I won't well good thing for Peter Kelsey still there madison instill Hanna. Hanna is still there. He couldn't stop worrying about during that day. He couldn't stop thinking about Madison during it. Though it was good I mean and I get hit it..

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