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With three fifteen Is this is this true Sometimes Three fifteen on the. Bench I I can hit three fifteen and a couple of. Times but, yeah I'm. Sure how do you try to use that along with your your speed and your league get off to to make the plays that you? Use Basically must be helps. Me create, a momentum. Towards the tackles last is getting off already got my first two to three steps on the ground to speed the power or sit here Hi Do you have a counter move? Off your primary, pass, rush move. Marquis I just like to set them up for a lot of. Speed Embark What is codified you to run and the hold the, edge and now you're not using speed is, much but you're using leverage and. Power are you able to go ahead and do that? Too Those stretch runs, or awesome those politics that's coming. Out you this I'm able to do the same thing Because my get. Off I mean that's the first thing we do. Here the fundamentals. So listen we, get off the ball we react to Aki whatever key give us this what we do last question Mark he's. Charles Johnson had his retirement party in announcement yesterday after eleven years with this organization at, the fence event and he said Julius peppers really didn't talk too? Much at first when he got here has Julius peppers spoken with you very, much since you've been here he told the mirror and you know he gave me a heads up with. You know, what moves, I can use. The utilize my speed and. Help me get run is more basically. He's been you know I do good There you go In good company because you're selling your ahead of Charles Johnson was at this point in his career as far as conversations. With the JP thank you. For joining us congratulations on three now so. Much good game, by the way Star is a lot like Addison Yeah yes Injury updates are brought to you by, atrium health the official health care provider for the Panthers primary care and where you needed access across, the Carolinas the world, class care Jeremiah Searle's leaving after starting the game, at right tackle the. Hamstring injury, so again another injury to the Panthers offense. Of line the only negative note from this game has we check in once again with bread. And Mike. All right thanks, a. Lot Jim and this is now time. For windows they were part of, the. Program Linda what are we talking? About, pizza Yes sir Panthers football brought to you by Papa John's all season, long Papa John's every. Day pampa special too large to topping pizza's for, only eight dollars and. Eighty eight, cents each when you use code Panthers eight. Eight eight better gradients better pizza Papa John's proud partner of Carolina Panthers and by the way. We haven't. We haven't officially, welcomed. Intern khloe yes khloe from queens college. Baron general likes to wait for, the, regular season to do that? Well Byron sitting over there quietly he's, all, the other side of the. Room. Now he can't stop us from doing this she was a student. In our executive producer Chris she said. He was like a. Slave driver it tough he was tough using credibly tough Crowley tough. Yeah Credibly tough teacher. So we're khloe it's good, to, have. You. Here We, hope you're. Hearing until the. End of January or early February That'd be great When, we come back we'll get you updated of the stats from that. Is ball game we'll also hear from, coach Ron Rivera you're listening to the Carolina. Panthers radio network News talk eleven ten Imagine.

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