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Nine twenty four seven FM six thirty six on this Friday, when he made the seventeenth than it is the weekend coming up that you've been waiting for it's going to be gorgeous not today, partly cloudy, chance of late day showers, sixty eight degrees. From storm team ten meteorologist, Zac, green for Saturday sunshine with I've seventy one degrees and mostly sunny on Sunday with a high up near seventy so beautiful right down forty nine degrees. Dow Jones industrials up two hundred and fourteen points yesterday, but the futures look a little bit soft might give some of that back. But yeah, you never know it's all about quarter for this afternoon, right? We'll check in with Chuck zodda from the financial exchange shows we do every morning at eight thirty five and you can hear Chuck with Barry Armstrong mornings in-depth with the financial exchange program at eleven o'clock right now, though, it is six thirty seven Katie Mulvaney. And the pro-jo says a federal grand jury yesterday indicted in East Greenwich mother of four on charges that she swindled. Four point eight million bucks, largely from close friends in a Ponzi, like real estate scheme Monique Brady faces fourteen console together nine of wire fraud to evacuated identity theft, and one count each of money laundering obstructing the into the Internal Revenue Service investigation and structuring meaning that she's accused of making calculated deposits to avoid alerting the Bank. So the FBI arrested Brady back on April the twenty fifth charging her with wire fraud after agents alleged that she had purchased one way flight tickets, the Vietnam her native country with their lawyer and her lover, the same person, by the way, when I talk about two more people as according to Katie Malvina..

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