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That place carolina fans were throwing it was before guy we're not working guys like that arena when they made a little bit of a run in the second half place for rupt everybody was cheering for them you gotta give our guys credit we showed some some really great courage we we were resilient all those words coaches us i mean we had eleven shut out that one time and the game and you know survive so i you know and this is without our best player delayed first team all conference potential mba guy and and you know we we were able to survive without him so it was it was impressive bruce weber waddling sylviane espn one thousand you know a lot of people called you a career assistant coach when you got your first gig now here you are in your third different sweet sixteen with another team three different programs three sweet sixteen do you believe you get the proper do don't worry about it my brother david you know high school coach up there right graduated me and he just said you know you're one of i don't know if there was eight or nine coaches in three different teams to the sweet sixteen i hope you're proud of that you know you're probably your staff and your players you know you just fourteen places and and be able to do this i love my job and i love coaching they want you win because before we let you go what challenges do the kentucky wildcats present definitely athleticism the one thing i'm worried about we have our guy back he made we just rebounding i think we can defend them but can we rebound and then somebody's gotta make some shots three couldn't we couldn't make any last night one three we've made you know we're going to have to have somebody come update for you guys have been really cut in we've played top teams elitist been the best in the country for teams in the sweet sixteen challenge coach congratulations best of luck we appreciate your time he's always been good with his time when he was.

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