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You do mclovin was involved in a tragic accident yesterday and it's pretty amazing that he was able to make it to work today thoughts and prayers were with you yesterday when we saw the photo and you were hit by a bicyclist i was yes who was it fault that my answer it was yes because he was going the wrong way on a oneway street okay could you describe your injuries in great detail for this audience so they know how how hurt you are today so i'm not sure exactly what happened here i my elbow got hurt my knee got her but the main problem was i almost bit through my lip and i don't quite know how it happened so the inside of my mouth is all did did you survive the ground no everything went flying but he went flying to so there was a witness who was concerned about both of us but then started chewing out the biker and i was like at doesn't matter what did they say they're like you're going the wrong way you're going to hurt somebody the problem with the biker is he was hugging right along the cars so he couldn't see had no i don't who but this happens you're new york dan bikers hate cars cars hate bikers and both of them hate pedestrians it's in concert war on the streets of new york well casually you get these guys who were delivering food and they're trying to get there as quick as possible right and you're just collateral damage you know they'll be like zoom because when you're in new york and i always tell people you know you gotta know where to look for the oncoming traffic because there are times when you can go to the next block and you're looking the wrong way and it could be disastrous there but the bicyclist like you should at least like we should be on the same page here at the cycle list and the pedestrians and you're not and that's where it gets dangerous yes he's because cyclists are anarchists they follow no rules andrew were you in a crosswalk no because my neighborhood does not have crosswalks other they should part of it is there's some streets at need crosswalks and they don't have them but you've seen in new york too that's like the stinks when it comes to david major pedestrian problem in new york thank you mclovin that's true they really hope was there a bike lane oh no that would have been nice were they you know they normally have those bike lanes yeah not here it's tricky intersection you know i should have been more careful too i should've had my head on a swivel when i'm walking new york but it was a nice summer night you're brooklyn now how does it work mclovin after the incident how many apologies did he give you you give you multiple policies one did he how much did you check to make sure you're okay before he fell to so he's at fault so he he he gets what he you know got but like if you were injured he would have to pay for it right i guess so i i didn't even explore it he was he was hurt and i got up a little quicker well we're glad you're here today well i mean warrior but i put it out on twitter and man i got killed ironically i don't know why i mean you got hurt and you showed up today yes fritzy now do you exchange insurance information that you put something in his spokes he hands topic to you while you're laying there with a bloody elbow how does that work if you know if there was something that required some type of hospital stay or money or something had covered i have seven say that you get as tags i'm like what bikes have tags i didn't even know that yes she did the bicyclist think it was his fault andrew yes i think he did or oh he's so he didn't try to blame it on you know no no no that's good yeah but not it wasn't a serious injury being tugging cheapies people really do get hurt this way so i feel like let's not make fun of them yes i was wondering mclovin temper would show because the last time he was run over was at the the party in in in minnesota arod and jlo's security team ran over mclovin and i and mclovin a little more so than me but mclovin was.

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