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Good morning, everyone I'm John Matthews For the second time In recent days, a major area school system is reporting dark results concerning all virtual learning in school. Holes. Montgomery County reporting that name one category. The failure rate has grown sixfold this year compared to last black and Hispanic students living near the poverty liner struggling the most, along with English language learners. Fairfax County reported similar results a few days ago. The challenges prompted several local school systems, including Loudon and Prince William to press ahead with getting kids back into classrooms despite the dramatic rise in Coben cases Like most of the area, Frederick County is seeing Coben spreading out of control. County executive Jane Gardner says she does not want to impose more restrictions on residents and businesses. But she is doing war to enforce the restrictions that are already in place. The county and the Health Department have hired additional people to help do enforcement for gathering size for the mass mandate for all these business limitations that are out there, most of them coming from the governor. The county seven day average load of new cases has tripled in the past month. D. C. Mayor Muriel Bowser says the amount of covert vaccine being allotted to the city by the Trump Administration just won't cut it. A lot meant that we would receive would not cover all of her health care workers. So we will keep pushing to get the resource is that we need the formula for distributing vaccine is based on population. So D C is set to get 6800 doses initially, but the city has 85,000 health care workers and most of them live in Maryland and Virginia. Is the pandemic drags on. The number of domestic abuse cases continues to rise. I don't see a decrease in the rate of people coming into our shelter. We had three families come into the shelter. Just last night. Dr. Judy Hanley, executive director of the.

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