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Suggests repeated blows to the head greatly increased risk for ct and that is especially true with kids and i don't want to get into a wordsmith in game here that we confuse people saying it's not quote scientifically proven to say it is evident shirley leaked because to have scientific proof you have to go to a rigorous process with watts of a huge pool of testing rights trying to break down here in layman's terms you don't have that right now this research is just a few years all on this so the two new studies that you side of their from boston university i only anybody's ripping apart the studies i think the riven apart this legislature of late through and the california for using nazi to ban football which i agree with i don't text is a link there because it's because it's been it's been refuted that you're not the studies the studies have not been refuted the studies the two that i saw and i really i really went into this the first one was in october i believe last year november last year said there was increased risk of behavior regulation apathy and clinical depression for kids who are reputedly exposed to blows to the head the second one in february found out that twenty percent of football players who have never experienced concussion have never experienced and cussin' still have ct issues once they're done from what i saw what was getting rip apart was the legislation deters and california and in new jersey ones i just want to chicago you're telling me as well there were using those studies eyesight illinois our using those studies to basically back their call for a ban dan little which i think is silly let me backup roads real quick in those boston university studies talk about repeated there are much greater risk and for repeated blows to the head my my tired my biggest issue is a leave this up to me as a as apparent but b if you're against concussions i said it and when i i open there's other sports it also calls concussions as.

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