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Were about to go on our coast tour which means what we did this last. Oh you forgot oh forget again and in some drops for each city boston philly d._c. New york city could not have said the minimum more wrong or see philly new york boston say while we say some of our guests whatever i think we should we don't have it. One hundred hundred percent will confirm guebuza. I thought i thought you meant me like you wanted media. Say your tour dates d._c. They do eat them for our guest. Kevin say hi chef. We don't we don't let's. Let's let's sit on it because 'cause we don't know for sure. You're so afraid of every chef kevin. I'm not afraid of everything chef kevin bartell you song lou. Thank you guys so much for coming on extravagance. Get remind delaware one again about maybe don't a podcast is called. Maybe don't it's a variety show with an opening segment and closing segment by the time this is out our last episode we we held a eulogy for our self esteem while i played piano and so and we just like honest conversations and sometimes i think if you like dough boys in hollywood handbook you'd really like it and if you don't like boys are hollywood handbook. You might like it as well yeah there you go. That's insulting or not. That's austin a wide net. I get it congrats guys show. Thank you so much helpful advice. In the early days shape the show we said don't do don't become like gonna ruin your life. Thank you so much for having me on. I can't believe i'm on this show. It's a a huge honor. I'm so grateful super nice of you guys. Oh god bless you. We're happy to have you. I really try to fight it but why you weren't working. I drove pastor place. I'm just watching. They'll do it for this episode of dope boys next time for the artist formerly known as spoon mike mitchell..

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