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To call them. For, my a rotten person was a weakling who lacked honor, this was an overly broad definition meaning that lists politicians or even a member of another satanist organization could qualify as targets. However Owen a practitioners didn't call people at random instead the group's literature dictated to ways to choose victim. The first way involved masters and mistresses. Eating entire groups of people as being acceptable for calling their choice was usually discriminatory based on ethnic cultural racial or religious grounds. Once a group was given opera status. Any member of it could be murdered without further question of this Miot wrote it is legitimate and indeed a satanic duty to call an individual or many individuals from such a group. In. The case of choosing individual obverse weren't part of a condemned group. Owen a members had developed tests to determine if target was sufficiently rotten. Such trial involved sending a female member to flirt with a male target. If he succumbed to her advances and ask for a date, then she would suggest time and place to meet preferably in a relatively deserted area. At the appointed time, she would approach the man ensuring that he saw her coming. Then right before she got to him to male ONA members would jump out of a car and attack her pretending to be muggers rapists. The targets reaction would determine whether or not. He passed the test if he ran to her rescue physically intervening and showing his bravery than he was safe however, if he fled or didn't help her, he proved himself a coward. However, the Owen often gave the potential opt for a second test to verify if his weakness warranted calling. It was only if he failed the second trial that he was deemed suitable for human sacrifice. And that point own a members could make one of three choices. They could simply kill the opt for disguising his death as a run of the mill accident or they could perform a ceremony called the death ritual. In this right Oh na, members use magic to place a fatal curse on the offer thus eventually ending his life despite the unlikeliness of this scenario Owen, a writings claimed that a journalist who was cursed in the nineteen seventies developed a terminal illness and died. The last way uppers were called based on what we can assume from documents was my forcing them to participate in the ceremony of recalling in these situations that chosen victim would be kidnapped made to stand in for the priest and then be ritualistically sacrificed. Culling served at least two main purposes for the O. N. A. I. It was a vital part of the sevenfold sinister way helping members connect with and learn to harness the causal realms evil? Energy. Second served as an essential function in the real world my eliminating weaklings. The ultimate question though is whether the O. N. A. Actually followed through with any of these teachings. The groups, many writings if the ceremony of recalling took place, there's no evidence that any real sacrifice ever occurred. Of course that didn't mean it didn't happen people disappear all the time. It's entirely possible that a long forgotten missing person case could be explained by an Owen a calling. Still went scholar Connell Monette interviewed several members for his. Book Mysticism in the twenty first century all of them insisted that they never carried out a human sacrifice ritual. However in personal correspondence with Monette Miot writing his Anton long contradicted that stating some traditional next John's known to me do practice ritualized culling some only every seventeen years or so and others called victims in their own individual non ritualized manner. What my it called a non ritualized manner might have been a different and more terrifying form of sacrifice. According, to Monette some Owen members joined the police or the military to carry out legalized killings as a form of calling the unworthy. Whatever the real truth is mastering. The Art of culling was a requirement for third stage of the sevenfold sinister way once that was achieved, the external adept was ready to graduate to the next stage and become an. Adept This fourth level typically lasted anywhere from five to eleven years it involves more intensive study into sorcery and self mastery. In addition at this stage, more extreme physical demands were required pushing the Owen a practitioner towards maximum levels of fitness. The. Internal adept was also required to spend at least one season in total isolation honing their connection to the interior world and showing their independence from society. After completing all the tasks of the fourth stage the internal adept became a master or mistress moving onto the fifth stage. At this level a master or mistress had to lead a chapter of the Owen. A guiding members along the sevenfold, way. They also allegedly used sorcery especially eon magic to summon dark forces from the Causal Realm to bring about societal change. Few people ever reached the fifth stage and even fewer moved beyond it. For that reason n a literature claimed that only one or two people per century reached the sixth stage that of the grand master or grand mistress. Own Publications don't give information about expectations at this level. However, from what we understand about the Croup, we can surmise that grant masters or mistresses were likely in charge of the entire organization. David Miot in says Anton long was probably considered a grandmaster however, not even he reached the final level of the sevenfold way. The last stage was called the path of the immortal since it's unlikely. Anyone ever reached it information about this level is scarce. However, the name seems to suggest that ONA practitioners who achieved this stage would become gods. This was the end game the longed for motive behind all the as mystical feats practitioners hope that their rituals, ceremonies and adherence to the Sevenfold Bay.

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