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Opponent HALE in wire frame glasses. She's close to ninety and needs to help walking her granddaughter. Trump was niece looks to be in her late twenties is also with her and it's clear right away. The conceal isn't thrilled assess well just in like journalists cheated TB interview a while back and in life how she was portrayed. This study. Okay. Those solemness by we had all sorts of questions, but we simply just showed up at her doorstep, and she didn't want to say too much. So we asked her about her son when he was a boy come White House way for the whole in. The bullet cheek what she's saying he's always been a really hard worker. There's this whole mythology around troppo early years in the mountains. Part of the origin story is that his family was dirt poor and that his first job was selling oranges by the side of the road Santa KKK in office. And then that s. He found. You'll know Sienna Wendy. She says, yeah, he saw oranges embed she made. Apparently, he also farmed fruits and vegetables and got a sore in a nearby town to sell him snacks and candy on credit. Then he sold that stuff. Too. Started a little business for himself. Some money who just say to me, he said good, son. Shyam is very loved here. And people are all him troppo being in prison. It's clearly hard for her. She tears up talking about how the family isn't allowed to visit him. Give thing. Thing. You're saying the government to advantage of m. Did whatever they pleased with him. But this was unfair. Caster nothing, but a man whatever Marica with and, but you also believe that God it's on his side. And that the best lawyer he could ever have was Scott. Onto. There is shame on sitting with us. During interview assisted things have gotten worse since Trump has been gone. Memento k. Ever. Since of Chapa was put in prison. Everything has had wars here in that tuna violent crime. But also more poverty in Hong. Why do we have water he says because both chapels every time I said, I think of him. Chairman others in his room filled. Thoroughly forgotten by the government, and they rely on campaigns like L chapel to provide basic services like clean drinking water..

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