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It was the star of flying how how this just was going on and on and on in the woman who was sitting on the panel when you broke last night you'd watch the interview with you an old j than you broken you had the panel in the end the woman who was uh nicole's very good you know rally flaw friend it was tough to watch her she was having a heck of a time trying to hold it together you know it it was hard for all of us i can't even imagine what it would be like for you know people who had loved ones you know connections took to nicole and ron um but i do think the interview was important because it puts a period at the end of the statins no one has ever heard from him he never took the stand he's never talks about the night of the murders he's never given it away before and this interview with him shows the face of domestic violence how manipulative how he blames everybody else how he's the victim in every situation how even in death he's angry as her how dare she i can't control her anymore and yet you know seven thousand two hundred drid largely women were battered just during the airing of the show last night this is still an incredibly important issue uh it's something that that continues to be a problem more than ten million people are abused every year in america most of them are women some of them are men um this is the face of domestic violence this is he is a textbook textbook case and people think oh well it's this kind of person or that kind of person it goes across every socioeconomic every race every education every everything there in the white house there it professors and doctors them sports heroes than guys down the street and bus drivers them they're all kinds of people uh we have to take this seriously and the good news this law enforcement is much more savvy a much more trained and narrow laws today that protect victims of violence like this more them when i was in my 20s for instance when i was attack and stock and assaulted and terrorized by a man who was a harvardtrained psychiatrist very handsome very charming very brilliant twice my size.

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