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Anyone underground breath? Inside the underground breast milk markets. Let me read that again inside the underground breast. Milk market emphasize the wrong word. Set this up again here got lost in the door. Did it really did? And I tried to give it to you three times. Literally inside the underground breast milk market. I think the first time I read it. I said inside the underground breast milk markets. All right. So there's underground market for breast milk. Correct. Thank you with three children ages two two nine a part time job in the classes. She takes it a community college Britney Dwayne ass- does a lot of juggling even so the Marysville. California nursing moms sets aside as many as four hours a day to pump breast milk on average a baby takes between twenty five and thirty five ounces a day at what her youngest still nursing child doesn't need. She sells. It takes me. Thirty minutes to an hour to pump each time. I get about eighty five ounces per day. Those extra ounce is don't go to waste through Facebook. She sells or donates her ample supply to families across the state who live nearby meter at target or WalMart parking lot, some receiver surplus milk and frozen bags packed and shipped out from a local FedEx trying to find out how much she makes for that. Was she donate summoned sell? Some it doesn't have any store. I think it says about how much she gets an I think it's eighty cents an ounce or something like that says I believe so when I read it this morning on underground economy for breast milk has skyrocketed with five ounce bags going for about five bucks..

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