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Is over one could they be playing again more sports and in business one major retailer sued for not paying rent during the pandemic WGN traffic here's Lauren laptops into accidents on lake shore drive right now there's one northbound at Belmont and another on the southbound side at thirty first an accident up on on the Edens is partially blocking the entrance ramp at foster about Kennedy backed up it Armitage it's twenty seven minutes in from here just twenty one back out inbound Eisenhower it's thirty five from three ninety a half hour out and both sides of the Stevenson between three fifty five in lake shore drive our half hour abundant rain just a bit slow twenty minutes to ninety fifth in I. eighty ninety four ramp decline are closed until five AM more laughter from the adult traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death the news is next the first time skilling's forecast from the purpose the weather center tonight partly cloudy warm moderately humid and isolated shower or thunderstorm possible fog patches in some areas later.

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