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Find out what's going on here is my theory i think you probably know what it is seth rich was the wikileaks leaker somebody killed him i don't know who i don't know why but i think that's an important thing to find out the left seen so in curious about it it's unbelievable but i think the circumstantial evidence that wikileaks is offering the 20000 did two or three weeks after he was murdered a twenty thousand dollar reward leading to the conviction of his killer and then julian assange goes on tv and talks about how the people that provide them in information sometimes pay with their lives and then he says like this seth rich guy and then the guy from the netherlands says are you saying he was the leaker i'm not saying anything but but he all but said it now what are we have is evidence that the russians hacked the dnc we have crowd strike which is a bunch of hillary supporters which is a company that the computer whatever company that works for the dnc and we noted that the fbi the cia nobody saw the dnc servers nobody seen him in the evidence any evidence was gathered was given to them by crowd strike or told them this is what we believe and james comey says well we have a we have a top notch company top topnotch companies a bunch of hillary supporters what do you think they're gonna say they got a leak inside their own organization they're not going to admit that did they got the vision see the reason seth rich would have leaked the w the emails to wikileaks is because he was a bernie guy and so now you've got you've got a leak would they vendetta because there is division within the ranks of the dnc they didn't want all that stuff to get out they wanted to they wanted to put forth a unified front but it was wasn't the people that were bernie sanders supporters were furious at debbie watson aimed schultz and the rest these folks trying to fix the thing with super delegates in whatever so that hillary would is a foregone conclusion and they were furious about it and i think furious enough do through actually leaked to wikileaks about what's going on so i don't think it was the russians at all but you take an opportunity if you're crowd strike to say.

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