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I am so happy with this story. It's just delicious. And it's not everybody who takes on a first person narrative and nails it like this with such a distinctive point of view. I mean, if you're going to do first person, you better have a point of view. You know? She does, I mean, the characters. Montgomery and Marianne and our protagonist. They are so finely drawn and they draw us in until the rug gets pulled out from underneath us. And we discover, wow. Esther? Has sold her soul. His sold her soul for the opportunity to create art. And it's not like she has a personality disorder. I believe that we are all simply one bad decision away. From going from a human being to something else, something much darker, something much more sinister. And for the most part is I look at it, it is the green that does it to us. It's the prophet motive that has the power us powerless in the face of itself. Right? Human beings seem to be naturally predisposed to abandoning everything we know to be right and good about ourselves. In favor of power, or money, which pretty much amount to the same thing. What was that movie that Demi Moore slept with Robert Redford? At the behest of her husband for one night for money, and the question was, what's your line? Where's where is your line? How much is enough? To make you go against who you know yourself to be. And it seems that for a lot of us, human beings. It ain't that much. There are a few things in this world that I believe to be worse than making a decision. Based on greed, to eliminate in

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